Thursday, April 12, 2012

New additions to LogDog Acres

So we bit the bullet and have added new creatures to the zoo around here.  Introducing our new chicks.

Hey Y'all

They are straight run so we won't end up keeping all of them, only the girls.  They came from the home of one of my students and they are super friendly. 

No, we are suspicious.  Don't mistake friendlyness for info gathering
 I have 2 Blue Wheaton Ameracauna's, 2 Black Copper Maran's, a Wyandotte and a Wyandotte/Silky mix.  They were hatched out for me from their flock, I think that is pretty cool.  They hatched on 4/8 and 4/9 so they are still just a couple of days old but they had no problem with the move or adjusting to their new home.  They are currently in one of my big aquariums/old gerbil cage and am hoping it will be big enough until we can move them outside in a month or so. 

Send help, we are being held captive
Until then I get to listen to peep, peep, peeps as they peck around in their cage in my office.  They are quite amusing to watch and their napping is too cute, they droop or flop onto the floor. 

Mmmmm.  Nap.
Hope to keep a picture diary of them as they get bigger, maybe my camera and schedule will cooperate.

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  1. Awww they are adorable!! Makes me miss breeding chickens lol. At least I have a chicken and a duck who are hatching out their own so I can still watch them run around and peep. :) I call them my little cotton balls on toothpicks lol. So fluffy cute.

    Anyway I have to run to work so I'll finish catching up when I get off. I've missed reading your blog. :D