Monday, April 30, 2012

The App jumps again!

I know the posts are now out of chronological order but I really had to get that other one off of my chest.  I am not sure when I will have time to work with the Paint as I am very busy this week but I will have to do something.  My safety seems to depend on it.  Luckily RB4 will be out tonight to ride so she can see how the Paint is acting, maybe she has some pointers for her "easy going" horse.

Sunday I rode the App for the first time since Kota got here, minus the couple of times when we swapped horses.  So the first time I made the App work lol?  As I have a eventing derby show next Sunday (WHAT was I THINKING?!?) I drug out my jumping saddle and went to work on my two point.  Thankfully for the past several rides I have had RB4 going over poles and 12" jumps to condition the App's ligaments so I have that jump start at least.  Despite my not jumping since November of last year, thankfully I was fit enough that I was able to maintain my two point with almost no effort.  AND not be super sore this morning. After a nice walk/trot/canter/flying lead change warmup I threw him over a 18" crossrail and worked on my position.  It took several times for me to not roach my back and a couple of times I was left behind, this is why I practice though.  I certainly was a little rusty.  When I was pretty solid over the 18" crossrail I put up a second jump that was a 2" vertical and the first time he jumped it from a really loonnnng spot.  On the plus side I didn't lose my balance or try to fall off.  The down side is now that I know the App is having vision issues things like this are going to eat at me, did he do that because he can't see it?  In either case I was able to collect him back up and when we presented the fence again the App jumped over it normally.

We jumped for about 30 mins, going over the jumps at both a trot, a canter and an extended canter.  I worked really hard on my position and even jumped without stirrups a few times.  May do that again this week as I wasn't happy with my lower leg but I also didn't want to push myself too hard for my first time back jumping.  The App was really good, he was nice and responsive, he met the fences correctly almost every time, he gave the gaits I asked for and even did flying changes over the fences when I asked for them.  I will keep going over these little fences most of the week to condition him and myself for this weekend, on Friday I will probably knock the fences up to 2'6" which is the height I am showing at.  Luckily I am 150% not at all concerned about the height, I know the App will jump whatever I put in front of him.  I just want to make sure he is properly conditioned.  On Thursday I have a lesson (YAY!!!!) and on Saturday I go cross country schooling in preparation for the show on Sunday.  Updates to come!


  1. Fun!!!! Aren't you so happy to be back on the App and jumping again? :D

  2. I was very happy to be back on the App and really enjoyed jumping. Am looking forward to getting back to it.

    And thank you so much for commenting on all of my posts! I really appreciate that you are taking time to read my posts. It makes me realize I am sharing my story for someone other than myself.

  3. Of course! I try to always comment because I know how much I appreciate comments and it's what makes blogging worthwhile (other than the recording things for myself lol). I really love reading your blog and I am really sorry I get so far behind and it takes me so long to get caught back up. I'll try to do better but I can't make any promises lol.