Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In other news

Happy Birthday to our TWH!  He turns nine today, it has been a long road since August, 2007 but we've gotten through it and he is better for it.  He is also now SOUND!  He has been lame since March 9th, I pulled him off of confinement and wrapping last Friday and am giving him this week and next week off and then he is going back into service.  Am very excited to get my blond boy back under saddle.

The App is doing very well, thankfully he has stayed sound this whole time.  He is being ridden almost every day that I ride Kota by RB4 or RB3 so he is staying fit thankfully.  I am hopeful I can get him ready for an eventing derby on May 6th, it will be just 2 weeks after Kota leaves and I haven't been jumping him.  RB4 said she was willing to put him over some small jumps to help strengthen his tendons until I can ride him again, planning on taking her up on that!  Unfortunately he has 2 lessons this weekend, since the TWH is still on rest, so I can't ride him on Sat over fences.  Am hoping I can get some saddle time on Sunday or thrown him over some fences on a lunge.  Need to get moving!


  1. Yay TWH!!!! I'm so glad he's better. How is Daisy? Is she still lame?

    An eventing derby sounds fun! I hope you get to do it. :)

  2. Daisy is fine, she is now sound and has worn her harness a couple of times. After the show this weekend I plan on working with her for driving again.

  3. Sweet! I can't wait to read about it and possibly see some pictures. :D I promise I will get caught up after work!