Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Just one day at a time

Horse life during Covid is not enjoyable for many. With my 2 hour time slot at 7p-9p, I find I am often going out with varying levels of motivation. Some nights I am gung ho, other nights I just putz around. I also spent more time than I would have liked fixing the fence line in Mia's pasture.

How I found her, right hind woven between the fence strands
First, Mia got caught up in the fence because it was hanging low. She stepped over it, but got her back leg woven through the strands and I am very fortunate to have found her when I went out to ride. I know how bad things could have gotten if she struggled to free herself, considering the struggle I had to free her and I had my set of hands. If no one had found her until morning??? Luckily she had rope burn, some swelling, a contusion, and only one bleeding cut.

This is not well strung fenceline... 
So being the person I am, I fixed that section of fence with new t-posts and insulators. Then Mia was getting out on the other side that had no electricity. She was literally stepping through the (only) 2 strands of fence. I spent 2 hours clearing heavy brush/thorny branches away from the fence line so that new fence could be run that would support electricity. Then the electricity was hooked incorrectly so she got out again, so I had to help to do it properly. It is frustrating, because this should not be my responsibility. The farm SHOULD know how to properly use and maintain fence line, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It is for Mia's benefit, so I am doing it so she can be on grass, but I am frustrated all the same.

Someone is shedding like crazy
With the fence fixed (mostly, there is still a good bit of work that needs done in the lower field in the top pic), I was able to start riding. We would have good days and blah days. We did some good dressage, we did some blah dressage. We started doing fitness as a way to just "go". Then 2 weekends ago, Mia had her feet done. When I rode the following Monday on the trails, she kept turning back towards the barn when we came to a split in the path. I didn't do much about it and figured maybe her feet were bothering her. The next Wednesday, Mia was much worse and when we did a little fitness in a field, she was very much ignoring any kind of half halt or transition request when we were headed the direction that would lead back to the barn. Somehow I developed a horse who was testing out the barn sour mentality.

Someone disagrees with my accusation
I didn't have a crop, so she got yanked in the face a lot while we worked on reminding her that she has to listen to my aids regardless of where we are. I was not amused! We stopped when she was sweaty and did as I requested. When I went out last weekend, she was more agreeable but we rode only in the outdoor arena as I didn't feel like fighting. On Monday? Monday she got an attitude adjustment. After grooming her, I walked by to go to the tack room and she pinned her ears at me. Out went the plans of riding and in came the plans of ground work. Lots and lots of ground work with yielding before free lunging her until she was soft and responsive. It took longer than expected, but eventually Mia seemed to decide that I was the boss and she would gladly follow where I went and with happy ears.

A clean mare 
We will see how tonight goes, fingers crossed for a happy mare. I am fighting my own moodiness, in addition to SO's. I do not need hers as well. Enough already!

Happy birthday App. You are so very dearly missed.