Saturday, March 27, 2021

New outlook, new saddle, new plans!

2020 hit everyone hard, and for me, it did a great job of knocking my motivation to basically zero. If I didn't have a lesson, I really didn't feel like working which was a first for me. I am very goal oriented and highly motivated and with nothing to do and constantly getting bad news, what was the point? 2021 started better, but then the extreme cold hit. And the constant snow, where it snowed in some fashion every day for 3 weeks and we ended up with over 26" of snow. That stayed around for over a month. And then the indoor arena lights kept going out until we were down to 5 lights in the huge arena when there are supposed to be 30. 2/3 of the arena was literally in the dark at night, and I can only go out to the barn at night during the week. During the weekends, it was either much too cold, much too windy, or there was snow/rain that kept me from riding outside for almost 2 solid months. We also determined that my new dressage saddle was too small for my butt. The entire month of February was without a lesson and we struggled.

March hit and things have started looking better. The weather started to improve! I rode outside for the first time in a long time. I had a chiropractor/acupuncture therapist work on Mia, which made a huge difference in the swing of her walk. The barn got a light up in each of the corners of the arena that had no lights, so the entire arena was usable again. 

I love the Trilogy I finally got in January, but the seat is really just a touch too small. After a couple of months of trying to make it work, I had a Trilogy rep come out and I sat in a bunch of saddles. We found that I needed an 18.5" (I could go 18" if needed) seat for the Verago and that I also needed a MW tree, and not a W, for Mia. And by moving up to an 18.5, I also needed a short flap ugh! It was SO nice sitting in saddles to find options and not having pressure to buy a new saddle! It is so hard to find reps to come to this area anyway, it was quite refreshing to have this rep come up and let me just find what works while just charging a consultation fee. I have a saddle coming in on a trial, fingers crossed that it works!

Lessons picked back up in March, I think we are on lesson 26 now? Or 27, I lost count :( I now have aggressive plans for this show season and my first show is Apr 25 as a Combined Test (dressage/stadium). This year is "it" for me, I need to know if our work in dressage will pay off. I need to know if I can actually do Training level and win on our dressage score or if I will only get by on our jumping efforts. Our trainer says we are working solidly in 3rd level dressage work and there is no reason we can't beat the pants off of big warmbloods and TBs. My long backed, upside down necked, slightly downhill mare has all of the heart to do it and there is not reason that we can't (as long as I keep my head about me). I even bought an entry to a USEA recognized show at a charity auction! 

I want to document my lessons more, so fingers crossed I get back into the habit. I suddenly have SO much to talk about and very little time. With only 4 weeks until our first show, it is time to really buckle down and get to work! I am feeling much better mentally, Mia is sound and fit, we are going to do this! 

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  1. February is hard. I’m glad you found a saddle that fits both of you. I can’t wait to hear about the show.