Saturday, September 19, 2015

Holy cow!

So I posted about my show, happily catching up on some blogs and what catches my eye?

Dude, do you SEE that?  Do you SEE THAT?!?!

That says thirty followers!  Thirty of you people think I am halfway decent enough to follow, that is AWESOME and thank you so much!  I am super curious how you found me and thought I was interesting enough to follow.  I don't expect followers since I am so horribly slim on media and I post so rarely, the fact I have them surprises me all of the time.  Are you willing to share how you found my blog?  What you like about my blog?  What you wish I might do more in my blog? Here's to the next 30 followers, maybe it won't take almost 5 years this time! :-D


  1. I think via a contest or possibly through one of my two barnmates who also follow you :)

  2. I honestly don't remember. But I think that I found you through another bog. Or you followed me and I reciprocated.

  3. congrats on all the followers! i'm pretty sure i found your blog by seeing you comment somewhere else, and clicked through that way. wasn't too too long ago either, i dont think. i love your way of story telling, plus Mia always sounds like such a character

  4. Sheesh I've been following you so long now I don't remember!! I didn't realize it had been two years you've had Mia already until you mentioned it in a post I just read. I didn't realize how long I'd been following you. It was back when you still had Daisy. I love your blog, which is why I've mentioned it quite a few times on my blog, so I hope that has helped hehe. Congrats on 30 followers!!