Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work, work, work

Unfortunately with winter coming, things have been increasingly hectic which means less saddle time.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have ridden since my show on Sept 11.  Over 2 weeks ago.  Fail!  I am trying to fix that so I have a lesson scheduled for Sunday on the App.  We will see how things go, I got to get my butt in the saddle.

Last weekend we went with RB3 and her SO to a Renaissance festival which was nice.  SO and I haven't been in 10 years, it was fun walking around seeing everything.  I do, however, like the one in Ohio much better.  The people at this festival aren't the same ones that go to Ohio and the "shows" weren't nearly as entertaining.  The jousting was cool however it was very apparent that most scenes were staged.  Watching the knight "we" were rooting for force himself to fall off, that was pretty amusing.  He was hit with a sword and you could see him throw himself off balance, twice, to come off.  I suppose if you didn't know how to ride it wouldn't have been so obvious?  Lol.  The mud show was mildly amusing but lacked real substance but the real "show" of the day was the tremendous amount of cleavage that was displayed.  OMG ladies, that corset is supposed to help squeeze things in.  Yes things can squeeze up and out but you should still wear support!  Your boobs should not appear like a waterfall over the front of your top and I should not need to see your nips through your paper thin shirt.  Ugh.

I have finally finished the very last of our sawdust, every bit of sawdust from my pile is now in stalls and being used up.  I certainly didn't have nearly as much left as I thought, I was thinking I had 3 full trailers left and it turns out I had 1 and a half.  Fail again.  Looks like I will be using the newspaper bedding sooner than I thought!  Luckily it will be delivered tomorrow so when I need to start stripping/moving bedding this weekend I will be set.  I expect to put in it in the App's stall first, moving his existing bedding into the TWH's stall and then eventually moving the TWH's bedding into the donkey's stall and putting the TWH on the new bedding.  I want to have most to all of the sawdust out before I start using the new bedding so I can judge it honestly and not blame shortcomings on mixing bedding.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

We are working away on the farm to prepare for winter and am hoping to complete the winter pasture by the weekend.  We are creating a sacrifice pasture so we can seed and rest our normal pasture, we have the spot now cleared and some t-posts driven in.  We are reusing the fencing we have already taken down from the main pasture, we just need to buy a small roll of woven wire to finish the job.  I wanted to use electric but it just isn't feasible right now. Once we buy the materials tonight we should be set to install and it should be good to go!  


  1. Great post on preparing for winter. Thanks for the info. We're (my husband and I) arfe currently in the planning stages for a bigger facility so this is interesting. I'm going to be watching with interest for a report on the newspaper bedding. Shavings are very expensive here in NS and I'm constantly on the look put for a replacement.

  2. Sacrifice pastures are so necessary! I'm glad you're able to make one. :)

    Don't feel guilty for not riding. It happens. You'll get back into it.