Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cold is coming

How I already miss my 80 degree days.  Almost makes me long for the super hot and humid days of Ohio, last week it was in the upper 30's in the morning.  That is COLD and not acceptable for September!  It warmed (used loosely) back up to the 70's but is getting ready to go back into COLD again later this week thanks to the cold air from Canada.  I say they can keep it but Mother Nature doesn't seem to be taking directions from me right now.  Brrrr.

The boys are doing fine but nothing of interest has been going on.  I've taken a couple of short trail rides and have done some ground work but have been keeping it seriously slow.  Chores, chores, chores, gotta get ready for winter as fast as we can.  We need to finish making a winter pasture so the horses can tear the ground up and we can save the pasture.  We have cleared out a ton of brush and cleaned up a lot to get ready but still have a way to go.

We are going to try a new bedding which I think is of interest, I am running low on sawdust so I called the supplier to schedule another 40 yard delivery and was told the sawdust went up a bit.  Uh, yeah like 43% over last year went up.  Yikes!  I made some emails and a couple of phone calls and am going to try a newspaper bedding.  It is compressed, shredded newspaper that comes in apx 1-1.5 square inch pieces.  A gal I was chatting with after I first moved here was working with the manufacturer in creating the product and was really pleased in how it was turning out.  She was using it for composting and said that the amount of bedding she was using was halved.  I am not sure how that works, since when I see wet newspaper I see it stick to everything and become a mess but I am willing to see how it works.  I will be getting a 800-900 pound "bale" of it delivered probably next week and will start using it within the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned, it may get interesting!

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  1. I am loving my eighty degree days and not at all missing the 100+ degree weather we had this summer lol. The night are a tad cool, but it's an okay compromise. I'm totally not looking forward to winter though lol.

    I'm interested to hear how the bedding goes. Have you considered pea gravel? It's great for hooves and drains well. :)