Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things change fast around here

Gone are the 70+ days, we are stuck back in the 50's and the mornings are in the 20's and 30's.  It sucks because I was all geared up for spring.  Things are going well though.  But things are changing fast, it appears LogDog Acres is open for business faster than I planned.

On Monday I received an email from my (old?) riding buddy, she said she has been out of town and was leaving on Tuesday to go to Europe.  Her horse, a semi retired App, was not doing so great.  His leasee hadn't been taking care of him like she was supposed to and then told my ridding buddy they were moving out of state at the end of March, giving her 2.5 weeks to make arrangements.  She got him and put him in a boarding barn and went out of town.  It appears as though this boarding barn wasn't feeding him adequately and she was worried since she was going out of the country.

I re-extended an offer I made a while ago, offering to board him here until she got things rearranged.  She is trying to sell/give him away and until then plans on putting him in her roommates parent's pasture but they aren't ready for another horse right now.  She jumped on the opportunity of my boarding him and so I picked him up Monday night.  He is currently only scheduled to be here until the end of the month, we will see if he stays longer.  He is pretty thin, probably a 3 on the BCS but seems to be a very mild mannered horse.

My biggest concern with him is that he doesn't eat as much as I expected him to.  He is a 16 hand (if not more, I should stick him.  Taller than the TWH who is 15.3) breeding stock appy and should weigh about 1200 lbs. He has a hay net with 3/4 of a bale of hay, a hay bag with 3 flakes and is getting 3/4 of a bucket of soaked hay cubes with 1.5 cups of 10% (95% oats) sweet feed.  He maybe ate 3 total flakes last night and only half of his mush.  This morning he didn't eat any of his mush.  He doesn't look wormy and the owner said he had his teeth checked last fall.  Hoping he hurries and gets an appetite, I feel bad he is so skinny.  Animals here have a hard time being skinny and I would like for that trend to continue.

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  1. Poor baby. It's awful that people do that!! I hope you can find something to stimulate his appetite and that he puts some weight on soon.

    Sorry about the weather. Mine has been really awful too. Sigh. Where is spring?!