Monday, April 4, 2011

So much success

As a bad blogger I haven't posted in almost a week but things have been hectic I tell ya.  I successfully rode almost every day last week and that is truly remarkable since I've only been riding a couple of times a week since I moved here.  I am really hoping to keep it up, it is hard when I don't have someone to keep me company.  I don't see anyone all day, I like to see people at night and if I ride I don't see anyone. 

Had a pretty good lesson yesterday, rode the App in dressage and he was great.  Fantastic would have been if he had stopped screaming for his buddies, something he hasn't done in almost 3 weeks, but it is still progress.  We were able to get him relaxed and fairly forward within about 30 mins.  He carried himself nicely and didn't make me fight him the entire ride.  Progress indeed!  I rode the TWH in jumping and we did well.  He is obviously still green, thanks to my break from jumping last year, but he is figuring things out and is actually using that tiny little brain of his.  We ended on a 2 foot one stride with canter poles with the plan of introducing bounces next weekend.  It is out of sync with my training plan/book but since I don't have many jumps I suppose I can't actually do the next step in my book so this will work sufficiently.  Yay us!

In more good news I went and met with the gaited gal I took a lesson from a few weeks ago.  She showed me how to long line and we clicked really well.  She is working with a 6yr old Icelandic stallion who is a problem child, he actually broke a vertebra in her back in January-eek.  He was a fairly good horse and will make an even better gelding when he visits the gelding bus in a few weeks.  After playing with him (and ALL his hair, omg that horse had more mane/forelock than I think I have ever seen on a horse) we went to another farm and visited her horse and the barn owners.  The barn owners are trail riders and are open to my joining them for a trail ride.  I am excited to have made yet another contact, I really hope they want to ride and can introduce me to more people. 

The biggest letdown is I seem to have lost my riding buddy.  She had to get her horse out of a bad situation and then got sick, she hasn't been out for almost 3 weeks and I haven't heard from her in a week despite sending a couple of emails.  Hoping I get another riding buddy soon, I just want someone to ride with.  Where are all the teenagers of my years, who can't afford a horse but would love to just come ride someone else's horse?  I've had someone offer to ride only if I pay them and someone ask if the horses are for sale.  Um, no, they aren't for sale and  I don't need anyone to train them.  I just want someone to get them/keep them in shape, ugh.  Anyone in mid-Michigan want to ride a horse??


  1. If I lived closer I would so be there! I can't find anyone around here with the guts to ride their own horses and when I mention that I would love to they make some excuse why I can't! Argh!

    Sounds like you had some really nice, productive lessons. :) I'm going to start ground driving Chrome this year at some point. I've already introduced him to the surcingle. :) I have to get back into the groove of things.

    That's too bad about your riding buddy. I hope she's okay.

  2. I so wish I could find someone that wanted to ride. Good luck with ground driving, I tried long lining the App with great success. I'll post about it shortly. Would recommend trying it, same concept as lunging but so much more effective. Where has this been all my life lol?