Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Very little time to write, extremely busy but did not want to neglect my blog.  I survived the mass of people who descended upon my little farm this past weekend and all went fairly smooth, better than expected.  Not as good as it could have been, but better than expected so I am happy.  I got to be a "parent" for a weekend to my niece and it wasn't too bad.  She is 5 and only had 1 meltdown and I took her away from the group and refused to let her return until she stopped crying.  It took almost 20 minutes but it worked.  Why was she so upset you ask?  Because she had SAND on her LEG that wouldn't brush OFF since it was slightly damp!!!!!  OMG end of world!

The niece had a great time here and I hear she is still talking about her visit.  Daisy really took a liking to her and was very good with her.  Niece had no trouble catching her or leading her, something that surprised me since Daisy can be so standoff-ish with new people.  I've heard donkey's like kids and it looks like Daisy is staying with the stereotype.

The boys are doing well, not being ridden much at all though.  I finally watered the arena this AM so hopefully I can ride tomorrow.  I am on the fence about going to the same open show series I went to a couple of weeks ago, it is this weekend.  I haven't done anything in terms of prepping or even trying to recondition a horse.  Don't even know who I would bring, Mr Steady who couldn't do things like a flying lead change or Mr Pogostick who could do a flying lead change and could be fantastic if he felt like it?  Decisions, decisions.

Hopefully I will have more time to write later this week.  I just read how Fugly is shutting down/selling her blog due to lack of time.  I already don't ride often due to lack of time, hopefully this doesn't fall by the wayside too. 

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  1. Oh wow that sucks that Fugly is possibly shutting down . . . :(

    Glad you survived being parent for the weekend. Not something I would wish on anyone LOL!