Friday, July 29, 2011

I am now the real thing!

I am SO excited, I just hope it doesn't bite me in the butt!!!  This weekend I am going to pick up my first ever boarder!  It is a 12h pony of the girl I used to give lessons to.  He is an easy keeper and his only bad habit, I am told, is that he is an escape artist.  I am really hoping that doesn't bite me in the butt as the woven wire fence is not super secure, the fence posts are not nearly as secure as they should be, but it is 5 feet tall so hopefully he doesn't test any of the fencing.  The electric I am not worried about because of how hot the fence is, even if he was determined I can't imagine him being willing to touch that fence with as hot as it is.

I am going to pick him up on Sunday afternoon so I have a good bit of work to do.  I am going to move my stall gate on Chip's stall over to the empty stall and put the stall chains on Chip's stall.  I can't imagine Chip will test the chains, it's just been so long since he had them.  I need to also lower all of the buckets as they are horse height and clean the newly formed spider webs but other than that I am pretty ready.  Yay for my new business!!

On another piece of great news I rode Chip yesterday bareback and I am back in my groove.  The ride a couple of weeks ago where I was depressed after riding bareback?  I am great now.  I had my balance and everything back.  Walk, trot and canter as well as some dressage movements without a saddle, yep that was me.  Very happy with myself, this is how I used to ride and I am disappointed in myself for letting myself slack off.   Ready for anything (good) right now!


  1. I knew once you started riding regularly again that you'd pick it right back up. Congrats! :)

    Congrats on the boarder too. That's awesome. I hope it works out well and he doesn't figure out how to escape.

  2. Thanks so much! I am enjoying riding regularly again, I am in a much better mental place now.

    Ah yes, the pony. He is working out okay so far but alas of course he did figure how to escape and had me running around trying to find him. Good times. Not!