Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clean tack room and tired horses. Life is good.

This past weekend went pretty well, even it if things didn't go as planned.  On Saturday we went to a local festival and overall had a pretty good time.  Much smaller than I expected and it reminded me of a community yard sale but we had a good time and I found a recipe for fabulous icing so it was all good.  We came home with the intention of work, clearing for the new fenceline, maybe even getting the fence up, reorganizing the tack room, cleaning pasture, clearing brush, etc.  As I was demolishing the tack room I got a call from RB3, she wanted to see if a saddle would fit.  She found it on consignment and want to try it on the boys before she purchased it. No worries she said, she had somewhere to be and would only be out for a little bit.

She came out and the saddle fits the boys fairly well.  While she was there the farrier came out and RB3 stuck around and helped hold them and then stuck around as I finished completely emptying the tack room and then rebuilt it.  After the chores of tack room, stalls and sawdust was done she wanted to ride so we went on a quick ride and then had pizza for dinner.  For someone that was only going to be out for a little bit she stayed from 3p until 10 lol.  It worked out well however and I had a good time.

On Sunday RB3 and I hauled out to the rails-to-trail trail I went on a couple of weeks ago and this time went north instead of south.  Overall it was a nice ride, quiet surroundings, fairly well maintained trail despite having to do "trail maintenance" on a newly fallen tree, not super buggy and not super hot or humid.  We rode for about 2 hours then I called and had SO meet us at a road crossing to pick us up and go home.  The boys were eager to hop in the trailer and got the rest of the day and the next off.  Having a "chase vehicle" was kinda nice, we could ride until we felt we were done and not worry about turning around or be somewhere at a certain time.

I also got my new boarder on Sunday, went and picked him up and brought him here.  He was a little hesitant to load but light tapping with a crop anytime he went anything but forward seemed to fix that and he was on and ready to go in about 5 mins.  He had been at the previous barn for a couple of years and the owner doesn't think the barn was bringing him into a stall as he has last almost all ground manners and is fairly sun bleached.  No worries, I was given permission to reinforce ground manners and he is coming around already.

Have I mentioned that this little guy is LITTLE?!  Much smaller than Daisy, he is a 10.1 hand pony.  Very cute face with the tiniest ears.  Very nice and personable, he is still a bit overweight and is only getting 1/3 of a cup of a hay extender.  Poor guy wants more food and begs for it with these huge eyes lol.  He drives and does some riding so hopefully the owner can come out and play with him on a regular basis.  He is a cutie.

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  1. Fun having a new boarder! Will we get to see pictures?

    That's cool that the RB3 stayed so long and helped out. :) It's nice having someone there to do things with.