Monday, August 22, 2011

Appy is sound!

First up is an update on the Appy, he finally came off of bute on Thursday without having to relapse back to bute.  I toyed with half grams and skipping doses since last Friday but kept having to put him back on due to residual ouchiness.  Thankfully when I took him off on Thursday night he was good Friday and Saturday so yesterday I hopped on him and he is sound!  No more very slight heat, no more tender footiness.  Very happy, he was down a week and a half and I didn't like seeing him so uncomfortable.  Would highly recommend anyone do an epsom salt paste and/or betadine/sugar paste wrapped to a hoof if you think your horse may abscess.  Am very pleased with the results.

TWH went to a hunt/jump show over the weekend and we had pretty good results.  I arrived at the show WAY too early, I anticipated showing around 9a when I didn't show until after 1130a.  All those hours I could have used sleeping, mmmmm.  We won second in our adult hunter over fences class which was nice.  We also won fourth in our adult hunter hack though I really think we should have placed higher.  The last class I rode against 20+ little kids again, I really don't like riding against a bunch of little kids especially when I am the ONLY adult in the class.  Argh!  It was funny, not even 10 minutes after I wrapped up and headed down the road it started POURING down the rain and was off and on until I got home.

And since I have been slacking in the picture department, here are some from our show!

Ready to go!
I say mom awoke me way too early for no reason.
Trotting our equitation class
Approaching the 18" jumps.  Much smaller than what mom made me jump last week.
Mom has good form but she has to remember to shorten my reins.
Barely any effort is required for these jumps
Trotting in our hunter hack class
Mom loves my canter but someone needs to tell her to shorten her reins again

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  1. Congrats on the places and missing the rain lol. He cleans up so beautifully! Is that thanks to your effort or is he just a clean boy? I hope Chrome takes note from him when he turns gray.