Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last night RB3 came out and I jumped the TWH, working on trying to keep his lead between a set of 2 jumps so that we may have a shot of placing when we go to our show on the 21st.  We started with a set of 2 poles on the ground which worked well when I kept him collected and "in a box".  I then bumped one pole into a 12" crossrail and worked on the same exercise with the same relative success.  It was not perfect by any means, but we kept it most times.

As going over a tiny crossrail is extremely boring, I went ahead and bumped the 2nd pole up to a 2' vertical and jumped it.  TWH had lots of problems with getting the wrong lead both in front and rear, ugh!  I finally called it quits when he kept his lead twice in a row both directions.  While I normally insist on 3 times I didn't want to start a fight I couldn't finish as we had been riding almost 45 mins at this point and he was pretty tired and sweaty.

I switched horses with RB3 and jumped the App, he had been watching the jumps and had tried to go over them a few times with RB3.  App did pretty well, his only issue being hanging his front legs from jumping too close to the jump.  Well, who am I fooling?  He hangs his legs all of the time, it was just worse because he was jumping at the base of the jump instead of a little ways back.  When I jump next I will put a placing pole in front of the jumps to help back everyone off of the jump, I know it will help and don't know why I didn't do it last night.  Bad trainer.

When I came out to feed this AM I noticed the App was very lame on his right front, he didn't want to even set it down.  Dread filled me, what did he do between night check and now?!?  I checked him over and there wasn't any heat or swelling, when I picked up his foot it was an obvious answer.  There was a huge fence stable jammed in the apex of his frog!  I have absolutely no idea where he would have gotten that in his stall and I know he was okay at night check.  The staple was in pretty deep too, I feel so bad for the guy.  I pulled it out and cleaned it the best I could.  Put some betadine and Scarlet oil in the hole and then soaked the hoof for a few mins, drenched it in hydrogen peroxide and wrapped it up in a diaper with some loose Epsom salt and neosporin.  I am really really hoping it doesn't abscess or become infected, he was still pretty tender on it after I wrapped him.  I will check him again at lunch and give him some bute if he is still ouchy.  Poor guy.

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  1. Eeek poor guy!! That sucks. It's crazy how they can find something as small as a darn fence staple and get it jammed in their darn feet. I hope he's feeling better. It sounds like you did all that can be done to clean the wound. I hope it doesn't abscess.