Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sending positive thoughts

I am really saddened to hear the turn of events for Gogo and the horrible decision that Andrea has to face.  Gogo was an up and coming barefoot eventing horse that was kicking butt and taking names and I really enjoyed reading their progress.  I was shocked when she injured herself 2 years ago at an event and had to be painfully and slowly trailered home, something that took several days through several states.  I have followed and read about all of Andrea's work that she put into Gogo's rehab, giving her nothing but the best medical treatments and care and it has all failed Gogo. 
I hope that Andrea finds comfort in her internet friends and peace in whatever decision she makes.  I support her either way, fully knowing she is making the best decision for Gogo.  Andrea and internet friends helped Denali's Mom back when Denali was facing the possibility of being put down and we are returning the favor, if you want to help or send condolences feel free to visit Denali's Mom.

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  1. Ditto. I posted about them too. I'm still hoping for a miracle. Gogo is such an amazing mare.