Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad blogger!

So it's been a while since I posted, sorry all!  This week we have been on vacation and while I am not accomplishing as much as I had hoped, I am having a good time.  Where to start?

Last Friday I made a last minute decision and headed almost 5 hours away to a Horse Trial to watch a friend compete.  I am not big on driving but really wanted to help and since SO was going to be out of town I could either sit around all weekend or go have fun!  After a quick call to my boarder, she agreed to feed all weekend plus watch the dog so off I went.  Not counting the enormous lack of sleep, I had a great time.  My friend came in third at the recognized show (recognized nationally) and I really enjoyed catching up with her.  Really hoping she can come to Michigan next year to show, I would love to have her.

Monday was a catch-up day since I was gone all weekend.  I slept until after 9a (?!?!) and spent most of the morning parked on the couch.  The afternoon was filled with poo, between picking stalls and cleaning the entire pasture I played with poo for over 4 hours.  I was exhausted and SO came home from his adventures right about the time I was done.

Tuesday I went with RB3 and spent the entire day with her.  We went and saw her horse, who is looking more and more fabulous, went to a new(er) TSC type store and got some awesome deals.  $52.99 for a gallon of UltraShield?  That is the price I pay when I travel clear to Congress!  $12.99 for a 3lb bucket of SandClear? Uh, yeah I am going to come back!  We then went for pizza and ice cream and then came home and rode the boys.  She was nice enough to switch halfway through so I could ride both of them in preparation for my show this weekend.  On this day Chip decided he didn't actually want to trot, only canter and Sinatra decided he didn't have a canter-trot button installed.  Ugh.

Wednesday was filled with tons of errands and nothing really got done.  Thursday was a massive clearing day and the day we got most stuff done.  We made a dry well by our arena (a dry well is a big hole in which water can drain into and slowly drain out of, to eliminate the water from the gutters from spilling everywhere on the ground) and cleared brush.  We cleared around our barn, cut some trees down and it not only looks better but is closer to being ready to become a winter pasture.. We also cleared brush in our new pasture behind the arena, it was full of thorny bushes that didn't do anything and took up a lot of space.  The horses did a fantastic number on them in the month they have had the "new" pasture, it was time to finish the job and the brush is now evicted!  I rode the boys again and they both decided they did have their respective buttons installed, they had simply forgotten.  Gotta whip these boys into shape!

Today, Friday, was all about the horses.  I went to a local storage unit garage sale and picked up a nice sized Rubbermaid storage tote with a bunch of dirty "stuff" for only $3.  I went through the stuff and found 10 halters, a few running martingales and a bunch of leather bridle pieces.  Washing everything up and am going to sell it, I should be able to easily get $20 out of everything plus have myself a leather halter AND a nice Rubbermaid tote to boot.  Wahoo!  I cleaned stalls, cleaned pasture, gave a lesson and rode both boys.  We also pressure washed the underside of my truck and painted the frame in an attempt to stall some of the rust that is developing.  We will see if it works.  Chippy decided that it would take an hour for him to ride correctly, as he didn't want to give a canter-trot transition and instead insisted a slower canter was in order.  Ugh horse, are you talking to Sinatra?!?  Eventually it was obtained..  Sinatra on the other hand was fantastic and had no problem giving me the elusive canter-trot transitions.  Wahoo!  30 minutes was all he needed and we were good to go.  Here's to hoping it sticks, I am running out of time!

Tomorrow is kind of crazy and Sunday is our show.  I am killing myself by bringing both horses but they gave me really good ride times so hopefully it works out.  I expect to have plenty of pictures, stay tuned!

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