Thursday, July 14, 2011

When the going is good

It may only be a week but things are still turning up roses for me which is so great considering the slump I've been in the past couple of months.  This weekend I am going on a mini vacation and going to see a concert and out to dinner.  Hoping it becomes a great "date night" with the SO and the weather cooperates.  Will be taking our Wrangler so with good weather it will be a topless ride (the vehicle, not me).

Riding is going great, I've ridden three days this week which is more than I've been doing in a while.  Yesterday I rode Sinatra and working on some small jumping and he did really well considering.  He didn't meet our little fence perfectly each time but was pretty close and didn't give any problems.  We are also really close to getting flying lead changes, something I started to work on before my riding dropped off.  We can get a canter, pace, pace, canter opposite and we can get canter, pace/canter, canter opposite.  So close!  It was funny, when  I tried a direct change he kept doing a little jump in the front like he was jumping a pole on the ground but didn't swap leads.  He's trying at least lol.

I also found ACTHA does in fact host rides in my area, something that wasn't advertized back at the beginning of the year when I was looking.  There are two rides coming up in Aug and Sept, you have to be a member to ride so I am debating but think I may do it.  Unfortunately the ride is the day before my hunt/jump unrated show I had planned on going to, there are only 2 more left in the season and I really wanted to go to them so I have some planning to do.  Also found a trail rider through ACTHA who wants to meet up and go trail riding the last weekend of July so yay!  Hoping this networking keeps it up and I keep meeting people to ride with.  Now if only someone would hurry up and come board it would be about perfect.

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  1. That sounds great. I'm glad you're finally meeting horse people. :)

    Have you tried a ground pole for getting the flying change? I remember watching my trainer work with a friend whose horse absolutely hates flying changes and they were using a pole and doing figure eight with the change happening over the pole. Good luck figuring it out!