Thursday, July 7, 2011

Terribly, horribly disappointed

I feel like such a slug, I am so busy every day I barely have time to sit on the couch with SO and yet I feel like a lazy lump.  What did I do this morning that made me so horribly disappointed?  I rode my horse.  Bareback. 

I've tend to do it once every few months, either because I am lazy or because I want to tune up a balance issue or what not.  Back when I was younger and broke, I rode bareback for over 2 years because I had outgrown my western saddle and couldn't afford to buy a new saddle (and can't bear to part with my old saddle).  Eventually I bought an english saddle from a friend for really cheap and the rest is history but I have always had fantastic balance and strength and I think it was from all the time I rode bareback.

So I figured I should ride a horse in case I decide to try the horse show on Sunday, I should ride at least once before I make my decision right?  Yesterday I watered some of the arena (another reason I don't ride all of the time, dang dusty arena) and this morning I watered more of it.  Since I didn't have a lot of time left I hopped on the App bareback.  He is out of shape and has dropped about 50lbs more than I wanted with his diet so I was just going to do some easy walk/trot.  Walk was fine, he was alert and forward, quite swingy and relaxed.  After almost 10 mins of walk I trotted and I am ashamed.  Horribly, terribly, horrifyingly ashamed.  My balance was off, I had to grip much harder than I should have.  My stamina was off.  After a lap around my little arena my legs were telling me stop.  I went around a couple more times in one lap/half lap increments and called it a morning because I am so disappointed in myself.  There is absolutely no way I would pass any instructors glance, I felt like a new rider.  Blah!

So I am again trying to renew my gusto for riding, SO is coming home late tonight so I am going to ride tonight and I have riding buddy #2 coming out tomorrow night so I will ride then.  Maybe I will ride on Sunday and next week I will have to drag my butt out of bed at 530a to ride.  My next "real" show is Aug 21st at an open hunt/jump show, I need to be better prepared.  It isn't fair to the horses or to myself, I have to suck it up and stop being a slug.


  1. I have to agree with you that it wouldn't be fair to take them to a show without conditioning them first, especially with it so blasted hot outside. Jumping when they aren't conditioned could lead to an injury as well. So find your gusto and get to it lol! Did that work? I'm not very good at telling people what to do hehehehe. Sorry things sort of suck right now. I'm sort of feeling that way lately too. Aging sucks for sure. I want to be a teenager again who can do anything. :) Don't be discouraged though. You can get back to your bareback awesomeness again. Just gonna take practice.

  2. Thanks for your words, I appreciate it. Thankfully I am hoping things turn around (details in my latest post) and things will get back to the way they are supposed to be. I didn't go to the show but am hoping to get everyone reconditioned so I can start doing fun things again.
    I fully agree, aging does suck doesn't it? Blech.