Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You need four remember?

I had a really good weekend last weekend, we went to Chicago to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and had a fantastic time.  Spent more money then we wanted but we had a great time so it is okay.  They are coming to Michigan in Sept so we will go see them then too, very excited.  They play country rock music and put on a great show, music is very catchy and upbeat, would recommend them if you were looking for a new band.

RB3 is proving to be a great gal, we are getting along really well and she likes to ride multiple times a week. She came out Monday and we took the "long loop" which is riding a round the "block" but going south instead of north.  It was a comfortable 1.5 hour walk ride and I found part of the trail I will be riding on this weekend.  We even walked under the interstate overpass and both horses behaved very well.  I was afraid they would get super spooky and while they were alert and the TWH was slightly spooky, they both handled it very well.  It was a nice ride even though it was still pretty warm and humid when we rode at 730p.

Yesterday RB3 came out and we rode the short loop, going around the smaller "block" to the north and again had a good time.  We did some trotting and cantering to get away from the swarms of deer flies and when we got back we gave the boys a much needed bath.  TWH's tail had gotten so dirty and icky, I was happy to finally get it washed so I took the opportunity to bag and braid it back up so I won't have to mess with that again.  That's what I get for being lazy, TWH pulls out almost a quarter of his tail, it gets filthy and I have to brush it all the dang time.  It definitely needs to stay bagged lol.

The downside of the day is that the TWH was lame when I went and did night check.  I noticed him resting his right hind which is rather uncommon for him and he rested it for a while so I drug him out of the stall and sure enough.  Lame.  He looked fine during the ride and looked fine for the bath and even fine when I bagged his tail so who knows.  I can't find any heat or swelling except for maybe the tiniest swelling by his ankle.  He didn't want to pick up his foot when walking, more of dragging his toe and then stepping on his toe and not wanting to extend his heel to the ground.  I covered him in liniment and gave him bute and he looks better this AM.  Not normal, but definitely better so I gave him another gram of bute and threw him out.  Will give him a half gram tonight and see how he looks tomorrow.  Silly horse, doesn't he realize I need 4 hooves to go trail riding this weekend?  It will really blow my weekend plans if he is lame and my horse friend from Ohio doesn't have a horse to ride after coming up this weekend.

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  1. That's awesome about the riding buddy, but totally sucks about the lameness. I wonder what he did . . . could possibly be an abscess? Or maybe he pulled something? Whatever it is I hope it's minor and heals quickly.