Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rant follow up

So last week a guy really peev'd me off by seriously low balling me on my garden tractor and by being a general prick.  So on Monday after reposting it with a slightly lower price and with a video, I got a couple of emails and had one person say they would come out in about an hour to take a look.  They came out, looked at it and put half down as a deposit and would pick it up on Thursday.

Sure enough, today they came with their trailer and picked it up and had the full balance in cash.  He didn't try to barter any further with the price and thought he was getting a pretty good deal.  I kinda agree with him.  So a big shove it to the prick who seriously low balled me and then had the nerve to say I was over pricing my item.  If I never hear from him again I will be happy, it wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't been such a prick.

Long story short, I sold my garden tractor and I sold it for only $100 less than my original asking price and $50 more than my "won't go any lower, I'll keep it as a yard ornament before I sell it that low" price.  Still several hundred more than what the low ball offer was.  If you feel the need to low ball someone to see if they will take your ridiculous offer and they refuse, don't try to "convince" them that selling their item at your low ball price is the best idea.  You are just likely to tick someone off and they will tell your story on the internet.  The decent thing to do, if you must low ball someone, is to offer a more reasonable price or say no thank you. So in conclusion, yay me for selling the item and yay to the decent people in the world! 


  1. Awesome! I'm glad it worked out. :)

  2. I'm behind on reading blogs again. Regarding Storm killing the chickens, I'd never blame her. You can't fight instinct. She knows better. I've scolded her for trying to go after one in front of me, but that means nothing to her when she's alone. It's not blood she's after because she never eats them (she once carried my hamster downstairs and didn't inflict any damage), it's simply reacting to quick movements and fleeing prey. She's done this before. When she was two she killed all of my mom's chickens. It's simply a matter of keeping her away from them. I honestly thought there was no way she could get in. I'm upset and disappointed over losing those birds, but it's my fault, not hers. :)