Monday, June 13, 2011

No time, quick update

Hopefully sometime soon things will slow down and I will have time to do something fun on a regular basis.  Like ride.  Or sit out in the sun.  This past week has been crazy, my lesson was cancelled at the last minute and cancelled again on the make up day.  Did ride the App once last week in pseudo-dressage/reconditioning, I am trying my new waterford bit and it really is making a big difference.  At the end I even threw in a couple of flying changes and he didn't try to pull and take off.  I'm happy, it will go in the cross-country/need control now pile.

Saturday proved to be fun, but nothing got done.  We went to a company gathering and had fun, saw a lot of cool things but didn't get anything done here.  Sunday was okay, a relative of the SO fell of the TWH when the TWH freaked out when she tried to trot on him.  UGH.  Scratch him off of the lesson horse list.  We did get our veggies planted, finally, and cleaned up a small amount of brush around the barn.

This morning I awoke at 530a to ride only to find the dog had a messy accident in the bedroom.  On the rug.  And on a sorted pile of dirty clothes that was slated to go in the wash. And on the heated mattress pad that was taken off for the season, he had pulled it down at some point during the night to burrow and then poo'ed on it.  There went a nice 30 minutes cleaning the mess up and then no time to ride.  Maybe tomorrow?

On the plus side the farrier was out on Thursday and Daisy's feet are looking really nice.  Like real hooves not only on the top but now the bottom!  We cut the heels down due to the frogs being exfoliated/shedding and she is now about an inch shorter.  It's funny how much of a difference I notice in her height.  We worked to not change the angles too much and she isn't as lame as before the trim so all is good.  Need to get pictures, will make a note to do that.  Maybe I will have a hoof post this week? 

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  1. I can totally relate on the too busy lol. That sucks about the dog . . . hope he feels better. Looking forward to the hoof post.