Friday, June 24, 2011

Blech, you suck - a rant

I really don't have much of a problem when it comes to selling things, I am a heck of a sales lady when I want to be and I am pretty good at weeding out the "tire kickers" before letting them come to my place.  I encountered one today and he just has me all fired up.  Since my SO encounters this all of the time (he claims which is why I do any selling), I can't just go ranting off to him b/c he won't have any sympathy.  Thus I turn to the ears of blog followers who, if bored, can simply click off my rant.

I am trying to sell a garden tractor.  Not a lawn mower, there is a big difference and I have been schooled hard by SO for getting them confused with each other.  A riding lawn mower has a light duty frame, axles, transmission, etc.  It can have can have all the horse power and bells and whistles it wants but it can't be used and abused like a garden tractor is meant to be. A lawn mower can't pull a10 cubic foot trailer that is full of wet poo across the yard very often before the tranny gives out.  A tell tale sign of a riding lawn mower vs garden tractor is the front wheel hubs, does the wheel have lug bolts or is there a single bolt in the center of the wheel?  A tractor has to have lug bolts, a lawn mower will have a single bolt.  Even the $2000 Cub Cadets at TSC have this, a sign it is not meant for heavy duty work.  Anyway, I got off track.

After being schooled, repeatedly, by my motor loving SO we purchased an older John Deere garden tractor before we bought our property in Michigan.  Many hours were spent "tuning" this bad boy, spending hours and hours driving to different John Deere dealerships to get official parts, finding "deals" on spare parts whatever.  Fixed the mower deck, bought a snowblower for it, extra tires, you name it.  Get it to Michigan and find it is absolutely the wrong tool for the job we need it to do.  Its only practical job we can use it for is one thing, pulling.  And it pulls extremely well.  We do not, however, need this tractor with all of its accessories just to pull stuff when we have a new tractor that does the job just as well and is much more effective at all of the tasks we originally had planned for the John Deere.

Alas I was given the task to sell the beast.  Despite not liking selling on Craigslist, I did so because it is cheaper than selling on eBay.  Ebay's fees are starting to get pretty high for the Joe Blow seller.  After a couple of weeks I got a response asking for more pics which were sent.  Received an email today stating that the garden tractor is in very good condition and comes with some nice looking (not rusted) accessories but he bought an older tractor cheaper so would I take only half of my asking price.  Uh, yeah no?  The price you gave was barely enough to cover the original cost of the tractor let alone the cost of the snowblower, repairs and extras that will come with it.  I refused, obviously, and advised there was no way I would part with it for that price and have a good day.  He then has the nerve to advise my asking price is way too high and good luck selling my items, I should have instead counter offered him.  Whatever dude, you are being a condescending prick and I will not sell you my garden tractor.  Go low ball offer someone else, my ad specifically stated I do not entertain low ball offers.  I don't go up to people and say "Hey!  You are asking $100 for your item that is in good condition, I'll give you $45 and you're lucky to get that.  You're overpricing your widget!".  Stupid people, you suck and you will not get my stuff.

Rant over.

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  1. I feel for you. I deal with obnoxious, rude and stupid people everyday at work lol. Good luck selling the tractor!