Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend recap

So this weekend was, as normal, quite hectic.  Wish I didn't have to work 40+ hours a week so I could actually get some things done around here.  Ah the unfortunate fact of life that you have to work to afford the things you want but as a result have almost no time to enjoy them.  Ugh.  On a side note, hurrah for my new follower Nuzz Muzz!  I have followed her privately for well over a year, year and a half maybe, and am astonished she found/followed me!  This makes me very happy so thank you Nuzz Muzz and I hope things go smoother for you really soon.

Saturday consisted of getting hay, finally.  I was planning on emailing someone from the tack store that had closed and ask them for their hay guy's name on Friday and lo and behold my hay guy called and said he had some available.  I was expecting his call on, say Tuesday but I was happy to have hay none the less.  A quick scramble to the bank and I had 173 bales of hay delivered in a hay wagon Friday night.  Saturday we were able to get one of SO's coworkers to help and we unloaded it all in about an hour. I discovered that yes I am still allergic to hay, no surprise there as I wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and gloves when I move hay, and when it is super fresh my allergy induced asthma will fire up when I am about 10 feet in the air on top of the hay I am stacking.  Super fun times, thankfully I was able to talk someone into getting my inhaler so I could breathe again, I sounded like a dying animal I was so pathetic.  I rarely have to use the inhaler, maybe 3-4 times a year but am very thankful when I have it.

We spent most of the Saturday over to another coworkers house entertaining some other coworkers that were in from Italy.  They were fun and friendly, they spoke some english but not a huge amount so there was some language issues but we had a good time.  I got to play in some water and see the pontoon boat that Kid Rock owns and shows up on regularly.  It had some pretty crazy partying going on so our group steered clear but it was an interesting sight to behold.

Sunday we tore out 140 feet of the existing/bad fencing of the original pasture and connected the pasture to the arena.  This will serve two purposes, one being now the horses can weed eat instead of me and two we can now open the arena door and let the arena serve as a run-in if needed.  Currently there is no shelter in the main pasture, now there can be.  Will make things much easier when we go away, the horses won't have to be brought into the stalls for the night if the "help" we get isn't comfortable with horses.  Like the in-laws and such.

Tonight I will meet a new riding buddy, it is a friend of the riding buddy that occasionally comes out.  I am hoping she works out and between the two of them maybe I will have someone to ride with at least once a week.  I like riding buddy #1 but she is busy/sick a lot so she only comes out once every few weeks anymore.  I have finally come to admit that the App is out of shape and isn't ready to be in a show even if I wanted to do so.   The TWH is only partially in shape and would require 2 weeks of solid riding to be ready for any show again.  I hate not having time to enjoy life.  Maybe if I can get someone to come out more regularly I will ride more and things will get better.  Crossing fingers.  Again.


  1. My husband gets that allergy-induced asthma, so I hate to ask him to help with the hay, but when it first arrives, the stack is taller than our house and I'm afraid of heights. I get halfway up the ladder and freeze. So, he climbs up there and starts knocking down the bales to a level where I can reach them, and then he's coughing for days afterwards.

    I know what you mean about working such long hours for money so that you can afford things, and then you don't have the energy to enjoy them.

  2. That sucks about the hay allergy. I'm glad mine isn't quite that bad. At least you have hay though! :D

    Sounds like a good solution on the fence/arena. Good thinking.

    Good luck with the new riding buddy.

  3. I don't normally have that bad of a reaction when moving hay, but I was sure glad I had that inhaler. That is the worst attack I can remember. At least I will be better prepared for next time lol.