Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daisy's 6 month update!

So I realized today that I have had Daisy for 6 months and a week.  I realized this because I received an email from former owner asking how she was doing and to ask for the number of my farrier because his "donkeys really need to be trimmed bad".  Ugh, I don't even want to know what those poor donkey's look like.  I called my farrier and passed the numbers along to everyone and sent the previous owner pics of Daisy to show that yes I can in fact "fix" the mess he made.  As a result I was looking at old pictures and comparing them to the new ones, what a difference!

Here a pic from when she first arrived, 12.21.

How here is picture from yesterday, 6.27

Front feet from 12.21

Front feet from 6.27

Comparison pic, second picture is the best I could get with her being as close to the same position as possible

I think she has definitely had some body changes, her shoulder is pretty significant IMO.  The slope of her dark line is shows significant direction change as she has developed muscle.  She doesn't have the little wormy belly and has a lot more muscling along her hindquarters.  And while it doesn't make much sense, she looks taller.  It seems confirmed by the wood along the back of the stall, I thought maybe I have more sawdust in then previously but in thinking about it the opposite would be true.  I really think she looks taller even without the wood reference.

Her fat pad along her back is nice and cushy and she now has a roundish barrel.  When she came she was truly flat from her shoulder clear to her haunches, there wasn't a single curve about her.  You will have excuse her coat, she is still shedding and is about 75% done but still has a lot of very long hairs that won't come off yet so she looks funny.  I am very happy with her progress and am pleased with the success I have had in rehabbing her.  Here's to another 6 months!


  1. Yay congrats on six months of hard work. You've done fantastic with her. The difference is amazing. How old is she? Donkey grow a LOT slower than horses so it wouldn't surprise me that she's gotten taller. Zeppelin has too.

    And Daisy does not look horrible shedding out. I need to get picture of Zep. He looks absolutely awful. Of course I can't brush him either. :( As soon as my round pen is free I will start working on him. At least now Chrome has a companion for while Zep is penned up. :)

  2. Daisy will be 8 sometime this year. I am curious if she had a growth spurt due to the diet change or ??? I know we've taken over an inch of height out of her feet so she should be shorter lol. Alas I am happy with her progress and she is shedding out to be a really pretty donkey. I am curious how she will look this winter, if she will look so raggy.
    Here's to hoping you can work Zep soon and reach goals quickly. I have discovered Daisy is really smart and learns fast but also will push boundaries so keep that in mind!