Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Xray pictures of Daisy

So I had xrays taken of Daisy last Friday so we could see what was going on.  Why is she still so lame, what can we do to make her more comfortable?  First lets remind our self what a normal hoof should look like.

Notice a nice triangular shape with an even space of hoof that runs the entire front of the coffin bone.  The bottom of the bone is solid and flat as well.  This is what Daisy's xray of her "good" foot looks like.

Notice the front edge not being straight.  There is also bony changes along the bottom of the coffin showing growth where the coffin has grown to accommodate its new shape.  Here is her "bad" foot.

 This one is especially bad, notice the curve on the front edge being more significant than the left front.  You can see there is even more bony growth and the bottom of the "new" bone is slightly curved and not flat like the left front.

Both xrays do a good job of showing how much hoof still needs to come off.  The farrier got these xrays today and he will be out on Saturday to make changes.  About the only good thing we found in the xrays is that she doesn't have any fractures, something I was afraid of.  Maybe someone is better at reading xrays than I am and has additional insight?

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  1. Whoa! Are donkey's coffin bones always so small? I'm used to seeing horse xrays where the bone fills almost the whole inside of the hoof. Poor Daisy. She must be miserable. I'm no good at reading xrays, but the curl on the front looks painful. I wonder if there is any way to fix that . . . maybe you should ask the woman from Barefoot Horse Blog that I put in comments on your last post. She's usually really good at answering people's questions. Let us know what the farrier says.