Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is coming, projects to do

The good thing about March coming is that it starts to get warmer and spring is finally around the corner.  The downside is that it creates mud and slop and lots of rain.  I am turning out in the indoor arena today thanks to a "wintery mix" of precipitation all day today.  And by the end of the week the low is supposed to be above freezing, how awesome is that!  The yard is getting torn up pretty badly with simply walking back and forth to the pasture with the horses so it looks like gravel will be in the works soon.  Wonder what it will look like once the ground firms up...

On another note I have a funny story to share.  Keep in mind I am not a good storyteller, absolutely horrible if I try to tell one in person and just bad when I write one out.  So I shared how my arena flooded thanks to the rain and snow, it needs gutters but we don't have a way to get up there to install them.  After discussions with DH I finally called contractors to obtain quotes and had 4 people come out.  I advised I wanted a full material list so I could compare apples to apples.  Guy 1 was pretty nice, guy 2 gave me a verbal quote but never emailed me a written quote (still, to this day haven't heard from him).  Guy 3 was nice but his written quote was missing verbiage about an elevation change, specified one downspout when there was 2 and didn't include things like endcaps, elbows, etc.  Guy 4 was simply crazy.

I called guy 3 and asked for an updated quote that included the missing materials and was told "Are you kidding me?  Of course those are included, you would assume that if gutters were being installed." When I advised I had advised I had wanted a full material list he made the sarcastic comment "Should I count how many hangers I would use too?".  I advised no, as he included the spacing, but thank you for his time.  When you make a contract and don't include X, you aren't obligated to give me X.  Also, as a contractor looking for work why would you give attitude to a prospective client?  His quote was the lowest by over $150 but I didn't use him because of his attitude.  I don't need that kind of treatment, I got enough "you don't know what you need because you're a girl" from guy 4.  Sheesh.

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  1. Ugh. Loser! What a way to earn business. I'm glad you didn't use him. Oh and you told the story just fine. :) I'm not good at telling stories either . . . I start out full steam ahead and then midway through realize everyone is staring at me then forget what I was saying and stutter and then rush to the end to cover my embarrassment . . . yeah I'm not good at story telling either and jokes are even worse lol!!