Friday, March 18, 2011

The App is a smart one

Here is how I imagine the conversation went this afternoon.

Donkey - I am thirsty.  The buckets are empty.
App - Yeah well she brought 2 buckets out this AM.  Not my fault we were thirsty.
Donkey - And you dumped the last quarter of a bucket on the ground.
App - It was... an accident.  Yeah, an accident.
Donkey - Well DO something about it!  You think you are the leader.
App - Me?  Mom checks on us during lunch, I will just stand here at her new chains looking for her.  
Donkey - I said do something, that's not doing anything.
App - She will see me and will come say Hi
TWH - You guys are dumb.  Just eat hay, there is hay still.
App - I'm thirsty too, I'm gonna look for her.

Me - go downstairs for lunch, notice App is staring at the house.  Start lunch, open patio door, App turns his head and looks straight at me.  Figure might as well go say hi.
Me - Hi guys!  How are you enjoying the weather?  You are really enjoying this sun huh?  Guys!  You drank your water and dumped the rest over.  Ugh.
Me - go get 2 more buckets of water, bring it out.  App drinks about 1/4 of bucket.  Donkey walks over drinks about 1/8 bucket.  Groan and get another bucket of water to top it off.

App - See told you she'd bring more water.  I just had to look for her.  You should take notes.
TWH - So what, there's haaayyyyy....

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