Monday, March 21, 2011

Waiting for pictures so just an update

As you know I had the vet out on Friday to do spring shots and to take xrays of Daisy's feet.  The shots went uneventfully save when the vet walked up to Daisy too quickly for her preference, she decided to high tail it out of there and man did she.  She ran around the pathway from in front of the stalls over to the hay area and was headed outside when I was able to stop her at just barely the last moment.  I told the vet she wasn't used to other people so go slooower and we had a good chuckle out of it.  For a lame donkey she sure can move super fast when she wants to!

I also had him do a lameness eval on the App since he was off last weekend and hasn't been "right".  Not really lame, not really noticeable but not really sound.  He said it looks like he may have simply pulled a muscle or ligament in the mud and so the App gets a week off with bute.  He wasn't even lame after a flex test (18yrs old and not lame after a flex test, go App!!!) so we are just giving him rest from work.  I will evaluate him mid-week and see how he looks, he definitely feels better on bute as he has been pestering everyone during turnonut.  I am quite happy that he has been ridden very regularly since he was 2 and doesn't have crippling arthritis.  Yay for my management processes!

We took the xrays of Daisy and all hopes of a donkey pulling a cart were deflated.  At best we will make her pasture sound.  Her coffin bone looks like her feet did, they are turned up in an elf shoe shape and there is significant bony changes on the bottom of her coffin.  The vet knows my farrier so they are going to pow-wow before the farrier comes out on Sat and find a game plan for her.  I am glad I now know why she is so regularly lame, I know there isn't anything I can do to fix her and I can just make her comfortable.  It makes me not feel so guilty when she has a bad day, at least she can walk now.  She couldn't really do that when I got her.  Pics to come as soon as they are emailed to me.

For a funny donkey story to close, we have this.  No sense in having a sad post..  Since it is so wet lately I have been putting the critters in the indoor for turnout to save what little pasture I have.  Once it firms up I will put them back outside.  I have 2 chains spanning the large doorways so they have sufficient airflow and sunshine.  Yesterday we were getting sawdust which is stored in the indoor.  I was in the barn spreading sawdust/cleaning stalls and DH was getting the sawdust and driving to me.  During the last load I was done with my part and decided to go help him instead of standing and waiting for him to show up.  Walked outside and there is Daisy eating on a pine tree.  Walked over to her and she walked off.  Talked to her and got her to look at me, at that point I was able to walk up and grab her halter and walk her back into the arena.  DH had put up only the top chain to keep the horses in.  He didn't think that by leaving the bottom chain open it became a perfect donkey door that was wide open.  Moral of the story?  Daisy had her chance at freedom and instead chose to come back where there is apple treats and oats.  Good donkey!

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  1. Cute story. Such a smart donkey. :)

    Don't be completely heartbroken over the hooves. People are making progress with laminitis through barefoot trimming. I don't know if she'll ever pull a cart, but it's very possible she'll be comfortable again someday. Check out Pete Ramey's website for more info. And also the Barefoot Horse Blog is very educational and helpful. I hope you can get her sound again. Don't give up.

    I can't wait to see the pictures. :) Oh and well done with the App. That's awesome that he didn't flex lame. :) Keep up the great work!