Friday, March 18, 2011

Cool pics to come

So I finally broke down and called a vet to come out for spring shots.  Since moving I haven't heard of a decent, reasonably priced vet in the area.  While I understand some people think $75 for a barn call is reasonable, I find that pretty high!  Especially since it is just a standard, run of the mill vet.  If they were a specialist then I could see it but if I just need some shots, I'm gonna pass.  That is reasonable thinking, right?  Or am I crazy, wait maybe don't answer that last one...

Anyway, I am going to try a guy recommended by both the farrier and my riding buddy.  He is coming out tonight to give shots and to also take some xrays of Daisy's feet to see what is going on inside.  Since she still bounces between a grade 4 and a grade 2 lameness, I want to see if it just angle/ligament issues or if there is something bigger going on.  I really hope we can fix her soon, it is hard to watch her gimp around on her bad days.  She still lays down a good bit so I know her feet are bothering her.  I asked for a copy of the xrays for the farrier so I should also be able to post them.  I hope you will find them to be cool to look at.

Have a lesson for Sunday again though I may reschedule it for next weekend.  I haven't been able to ride a single time this week due to being busy and spending time with DH.  I've been having a hard time even getting up at 530 so riding in the AM has been out.  At night we've had something going on every night since he's been back, aside from last night where the contractor didn't show up or call until it was 45 mins after he was supposed to be here.  At least we were able to get other things done but it meant riding was out.  Maybe tonight I can accomplish something.

I have been turning the horses out in the indoor arena since we have had the great melt and it is working out really well.  We bought chains and put them up where the sliding door of the arena goes so the horses can have a nice spring breeze and warm sunshine and still be contained.  I didn't like how stuffy it got in the arena when they were out there on Saturday so this is a nice compromise.  They can be out, they can eat hay, they can have sunshine and I don't have to worry about them destroying what little pasture I have.  It's was in the 60's yesterday and will be staying in the 40-50's this upcoming week, thank goodness spring is here this weekend!!

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  1. Yay for spring! That sucks about not being able to ride, but sometimes you just get too busy. It can't be helped. I hope the new vet works for you and yep, I would be interested in seeing the xrays. I hope it's simply a matter of corrective trims and rest. :)