Thursday, March 3, 2011

So happy, no longer in the dark ages (non horse related)

Someone once said something about a squeaky wheel, how about one that is also constant, insistent and a touch demanding?  When I moved here I was told I could not have high speed internet.  I can't have cable, I am 1/2 mile too far from where cable runs and it is not cost effective for them to extend the lines.  I can't have DSL because no one offers it.  I can't have wireless because I am in this tiny 1/3 mile triangle that isn't serviced (literally).  My only options are broadband, dial up or satellite.  I have been using broadband but it kinda sucks. 

Broadband sucks, Exhibit 1.  I have to put an ice pack on the bottom of the wireless card because it gets too hot.  If no ice pack used it will drop connections if used for anything less than very light usage.  Exhibit 2. It is kinda slow, approximately 200-400kbps on a given day.  Faster than dial up, but not very good at all.  Exhibit 3.  Not entirely reliable.  While it isn't UNreliable, it goes down about once per month.  When this happens I have to take my butt to Wendy's/Tim Hortons and use their free wifi.  It's only a 7 minute drive but actually working a desk job in a public fast food restaurant is not exactly a pleasurable experience.  Exhibit 4. Virgin Mobile has changed their unlimited broadband plan, which is what I have/had.  I use about 8gb per month since I work as a programmer out of my house and the unlimited was great.  The "unlimited" plan is now capped at 5gb and then the speed drops to dial up speeds.  This means I am screwed for the last third of every month starting tomorrow. 

I would call my list of numbers every month to bother someone about getting internet, always with failure.  When I finally got a home phone in December (for work), I started calling every other week and asking about internet. And getting transferred.  And being "escalated".  And put on hold for long periods of time.  When the local phone provider put an ad in the paper announcing they were offering high speed internet in my town of course I called them.  And was told I was too far away.  So I called back.  Every week.  And then they offered an open house so I went and talked to the tech manager.  He said of COURSE I qualify for internet, I am only 2.2 miles from the substation.  But the people he gave me to talk to still said nope.  I called twice per week and was finally told I am 193 feet too far away, there isn't anything they can do for me (and stop calling was implied). 

I received a phone call today.  Someone my case was escalated to, and to whom I spoke to for about 15 seconds, has been working on my case for over 3 weeks and *gasp* I CAN HAVE INTERNET!  She said she had to jump through a lot of hoops and track down a lot of people to get this so I told her sign me up before they change their mind about my qualification.  I am so happy I will actually have real internet on March 14th.  Maybe I will be able to upload my videos now, right now youtube says it will take over 10 hours to upload my videos.  Sheesh.  Today looks to be shaping up to be okay after all.

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  1. That is so awesome!! I can't imagine how incredibly frustrating this must have been for you for so long. Way to go for sticking with it until you got results. Persistence pays off. :)