Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Spring is coming, right?

Happy Spring! Just kidding, we got 4.5 inches of snow yesterday.  *sob*

The riding aspect of life has taken a significant downswing since moving to a barn without an indoor arena, which is horribly disappointing but was expected. Riding only a couple of times a week has been the theme which really does not help the "I would love to show this year" vibe. It is either raining, snowing, super high wind, or I am out of town. One day it will be better, one day! 

Girl got SPRINGS on those feet!

Mia's rehab from her suspected DDFT/SDFT injury is basically complete. She hasn't been lame (or lame-ish) since December. I brought her back super slowly at our old barn, but we had several instances where she was kinda lame but also extremely body sore. Since moving to the new barn, she has been 100% sound and hasn't had a single injury. Considering the amount of injuries or issues she was having before, this is a huge relief. I have now been cantering more and it is going quite well. So well in fact that yesterday was the first time I asked for some adjustability in her canter to go around/over some poles on the ground and she stepped right up to the task and gave me no problems. 

She is convinced that she is starving

While I have big dreams about continuing our training and actually making something of the year, the fact of the matter is that the impending move has ground everything to a halt. Free time is eaten up by painting, drywall repair, or packing. We should have more information at the end of this week about the timeline of the move, but I would suspect it will be in the June time frame. While it is disappointing, one thing I am greatly appreciative of is the fact that Mia is currently only 5 mins away. I was able to go to her farrier appointment and be home in less than 2 hours. And that included a full grooming session and chatting with the farrier and barn owner. That is....divine. Other than my farm in MI, I have never had a barn that had a less than 30 minute drive. I REALLY hope that our next house can have a barn this close!

Mia with ALL the gallops

Fingers crossed the snow melts and I can ride again. Mia obviously wants to move more as she has been full of herself. I really enjoyed doing some of the canter gymnastic work and it made me want to more again. I may not have an instructor, or an indoor, or show goals for the year, but I do want to have some fun and that was fun. Now if only the arena will stay dried up enough to ride in....

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