Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Photo dump!

Her never-ending quest to injure herself - this kept her down for a week

Her 5 acres of grassy goodness, at the bottom of a big a$$ hill.
Great for hooman and horse fitness, even when we hates the hill

Fun riding times! One of our fitness rides

Prepping for our show - with braids!
She really isn't great for braiding. Was almost for sale.

So shiny and clean, she cleans up so nicely

Time to shine! Well, in the rain anyway

We looked good even when getting wet

Walking in the trees

Oh hai human!

They are not supposed to look like this

That's not supposed to be there

Hopefully you enjoyed some media. I will try to find something more to talk about!


  1. Hi, new reader here. I clicked over from another blog and scrolling through your pictures I thought "I know that horse park!" We go there fairly often for eventing. :)

    1. Welcome! I went there much more often before 2020. I had big plans for 2021 can read the back posts for that story. Fingers crossed for 2022, maybe we will see you!