Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The continuation of Do This, with show prep and MEDIA

After apparently not posting my last post, here are the updates since then.  The video hubby shot made me go from a high of "We are doing awesome!" to a low of "How the hell do we suck so badly".  I doubled down and decided Mia is fit enough, I am fit enough, we are doing fricken serious dressage work even if it kills us.  *note, it did not kill us*

Ugh. Downhill much?!
I thought this felt good. Blah
Not bad, but not good
Last week I had MR (the lady who rides at night, who is the one who fell off) video our dressage.  I wanted to see if there was actual improvement.  Success!  I was left feeling not so much of a train wreck and hopeful of our upcoming show.  Hubby was traveling for work for a full week, Fri to Fri and our show was that upcoming Sunday.  The plan was serious boot camp and we would be 100% ready for the show.  And then the weather stepped in and was all "Oh, you silly people, no, no, no."  And then the show changed the date to be April 22nd instead.  Blah!  More time to prepare I guess?

This is better
Despite the weather being horrible (40's and rain ALL DAY), I almost wish the show had been last weekend because Mia was on FIRE.  Our dressage was so good, I can only hope it carries through to this weekend.

This is much better!
Hubby was gone all last week and I have been out to the barn almost every day since.  Focusing on SERIOUS dressage work.  And guys, I am actually optimistic of our chances at the show now.  Like, seriously optimistic!  Mia has stepped up to the plate and has agreed to the dressage work.  Our canter guys, the uphill is redeveloping and the haunches.  Man, those errant haunches.  They are staying out!!!!!!  Riding shoulder in all of the time is working and it makes me so damn excited of our possibilities.

Our rides lately have actually been rather short, closer to 30 mins, as Mia has been so good.  We still have our disagreements, like her insistence that my right leg doesn't have a say in the matter and what not, but it is coming together. 
This is 3'6", looking easy
We have also been jumping and Mia has been fabulous about it, I totally think we are ready for our show!  When I ride like an educated rider, we meet our distances and jump everything without her even trying hard.  Height does not phase her at all OMG.

Our show is on Sunday and our dressage isn't perfect, however I am pretty confident in our ability.  I am going to ride with a whip during the test, something I haven't done since I showed App, to help remind Mia to keep her haunches out in the canter but now I need to really, really, really focus and remember to change my whip hand.  Blah! 

That is a 5ft standard. That Mia's knee is ABOVE.
After our show, we have a short week as I am then packing up and headed to K3DE.  I am super excited to go even though everyone I was going with backed out.  Hubby and I are going to have a fabulous time and HOPEFULLY have great weather.  Is anyone else going to K3DE?  Want to meet up??

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  1. ugh i kinda hate it haha when i see a picture of something that felt good but actually looks kinda... blah. it happens tho. good on you for using it as fuel for the fire and turning around to produce some really good work! the jumps look great too, hopefully you guys slay at the show!

    and yes, i'll be at kentucky too. shoot me an email at fraidycat.eventing at gmail and we can connect!