Friday, July 29, 2016

Cool things and sick things.

Olivia had a contest when she moved to her own website and of course I had to play along.  Then I won a prize of my choosing!  We could have chosen an earnet, a stall sign or homemade treats.  Mia has been without a stall sign this whole time and while she would have likely chosen treats, I requested a stall sign.  I gave Olivia completely free reign on the project, I told her "I would like her name on it, Mia.  If there was a graphic, something with a jumping horse or something with spots.  Preferably on the smaller side, less than 18 inches long."

Package!!!  Why you post upside down blogger?!
Man did she deliver.  Olivia actually sent me a message to "explain" why she did what she did before it arrived, which was really sweet but totally unnecessary.  I was just excited that Mia would finally have something with her name on it!  I mean, a GOOD horse mom would have already gotten a stall sign, you know, 2.5 years ago....
Not your typical stall sign.  Look at how awesome
Mia's outline looks on this?!
Low and behold this showed up in my mailbox and I was super excited to tear into it.  I almost, ALMOST forgot to take pics along the way.  I mean, presents?!?  How can one pause to take pictures with that kind of excitement?  I slapped my self control into action and paused to take pictures along the way.
Look at the detail of this.  How cool!
How cute is this?!?  Olivia asked to use my profile pic and I think it turned out so well!  She said it is not a typical stall sign because I currently don't have a stall (womp, womp, pasture boarder) and it works well because this is going in my "tack area" in the basement with App's stall plate.  And it even has a hook!  This is well made and I am looking forward to finding things to hang on it when I have my "tack area" fully organized.  Thank you Olivia for such a cool gift!  You captured Mia very well :-)

Ready for stuffs.  Thank you Olivia!!
The bad news is Mia is currently sidelined and not feeling well.  On Thursday she had a bit of nose crud, I just cleaned it out and didn't think of it because it was humid and kinda dusty.  The standard recipe for  nose crud.  On Monday the nose crud was more significant and she also had a cough when we were trotting around.  Not a bad cough, it sounded like a "round bale cough", a dry cough that happens when horses have their noses shoved in a dusty round bale all day.  Since they had gotten a new round bale on Sunday, I didn't give it much thought.  When I went out on Wednesday, however, Mia was a lot worse.  The nose crud was now in the "eww" category and she had a cough that I didn't like the sound of.  She coughed on the way to the barn, on the way out of the barn and while we walked around.  I had hopped on for a quick trail ride and stopped after 10 minutes as Mia just didn't feel up to it.  She was almost lethargic and after another cough under saddle, I called it a night. Technically we stopped after 5 mins, but then had the walk back to the barn.

I took her temp and it was 100.4.  High for her, but within the normal range.  I sent the vet a message asking if we could be squeezed in and I cold hosed Mia so she would feel better.  Or to make me feel better since I couldn't do anything else.  Dr M said she could be out Thursday so I took a half sick day at work and met the vet.  Dr M agreed the cough didn't sound good and that Mia was just chock full of mucus.  She is on SMZs for 2 weeks and some banamine for pain and to try to ensure she won't have feet issues as the toxins leave her system.  Dr M said it hasn't yet turned into pnuemonia as she doesn't have a fever, but it is a likely possibility with as congested as she is.  Dr M suspects she had a sinus issue that then got infected.  I know all about those lol.  Damn sinuses.

If Mia isn't better within 5 days, she will be thrown on steroids as well.  So I spent 30 mins yesterday grinding pills into powder and putting them in baggies so the barn can give them with minimal work.  I figured powder would be easier than convincing Mia to take a drink after each pill to ensure it goes "down the hatch".  Ha!  It was a joke people.  So the show in August  is a No Go for sure now, thankfully no entry fees had been submitted.  Here's to hoping for a fast recovery for my girl.  I guess App gets some ride time next week now.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you like the stall sign. And I'm sorry Mia's sick. I hope she gets better quickly. I suffer from sinus problems myself, so I totally sympathize.

  2. That sign is lovely! I am sorry that she's feeling ill- I hope it clears up.

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