Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kitten spam

This kitten, I swear.  She is a cutie.  Also a terrorist, but still a cutie.  She actually made friends and played with our Maine Coon before he succumbed to cancer.  She has decided she doesn't mind the dog (finally) and will play with her despite the dog having no real idea what the heck the kitten is doing.  She has this (annoying) habit of walking on my face to help wake me up when she hears the alarm go off.  If she isn't already snuggled with me, she will walk on my face and plop herself on my face/neck.  Helpful kitten helps.

She is already a chunky 4lbs and is really growing.  It is crazy to remember that she was 1.8lbs when I found her at the beginning of Sept.  She is now UTD on shots, microchipped and was just spayed.  She tries to play with the other 2 indoor cats but they don't really have any desire to be friends.  Yet anyway.  I know the oldest won't make friends, she hates everyone except SO and I, but I think the other (only now? :( ) tabby will make friends with her soon enough.

So here is kitten spam as filler.  Why?  Because 3 back to back trips to PA (load, drive 11hrs there, unload, turn around, drive 11hrs home within the same weekend) makes for little to no blog material. you go.
RIP :(  Playing with Danica before cancer took him 
Friend time or warm body?
Attack cat
Now with extra bitey!
Cuddle Queen
Watching carefully for things that need attacked
Extra snuggles after her spay.  Nekkid belly!


  1. Your dog is gorgeous! Needs more blog time hehe.

    So sorry about your Maine Coon. It's so hard to lose them. :(

    I hope the moving is going smoothly. That must be such a nightmare!! When I moved it was only an hour away and I hated it haha. I can't imagine moving out of the state. Hang in there! When you're settled into your new place it will all feel worth it.

  2. Kitten spam is always welcome. Mostly because I'm living it.

  3. yep i needed this today haha. i have a couple terrorist kitties too (and actually had to sleep with pillow barricades around my face for a while for all those unwelcome face-walking proclivities lol)