Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Success. More success!

We were successful in getting the new winter sacrifice pasture completed.  It is also significantly bigger than anticipated and is better than expected!  When I was making the fence line I discovered a large pile of old branches/brush/trash which caused the fence line to be moved.  Instead of having it come to a narrow(er) point on the left side of the barn it is now a large rectangle.  The original plan in black lines, the actual pasture is now in the blue line.
I am very happy with how it is laid out and if all goes well, we should be able to seed it in the spring and make it a permanent part of our pasture!  We turned everyone out in it yesterday and they stayed outside eating even as it poured rain down in the morning.  Come dinner time I brought everyone in, at night check everyone still had about half of their dinner hay left.  Appears some horses were so content eating grass all day that they weren't even hungry at dinner lol.  I am expecting to be able to not feed even breakfast hay until at least this weekend, we will see how it goes.  They have only made a small dent in the weeds/grass, only time will tell how long they are able to eat off of it.

I am all set to ride tonight and probably tomorrow as I have a judged trail ride on Saturday!  I am quite excited about it, though I have very little idea what it will entail.  It will be a trail ride with 10-15 obstacles we have to complete, no idea what they might be.  I will be bringing the TWH so there is that element of fun too, hopefully his fluffy brain holds it together and we do well.  Mostly though I am going for the experience, I have never been to one, it sounds fun, it is close and it is quite affordable.  I will be bringing RB4 and her new mare, hopefully nothing tragic happens to my trailer this time.

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  1. Yay! That sounds like Competitive Trail Riding. That's what I want to do with Chrome. :D

    I like your new pasture. Old places are a lot of work, but they are worth it. :)