Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderfully warm

Except for mud, I do like spring.  I like spring a lot.  The fact it is in the 40's today and the 50's for the next couple of days makes me super happy.  I took my time going to the mailbox today because it was so nice out, I didn't need a jacket or anything.  Am not looking forward to the weekend simply because it will be back in the low 30's, why can't it be spring already?  The horses are shedding like crazy, that means spring right?!?

Had another good ride with the riding buddy, she isn't as fit as a perfect world would allow but she likes riding.  She rode the TWH and was trying to get him trotting, he requires a strong asking aid then lots of inside leg to get him going, then plenty of leg to keep the gas going.  It was very hard for her to keep her leg on him that much, funny as it is such second nature to me as I rarely know I am doing it or realize how much I do it.  He did give it a good effort and tried for her so she was happy with the progress.  Also showed her some of his cool buttons and helped her learn how to push them correctly.  She kept raising her hands when asking for turns on the quarters so he was getting all confused and upset.  We got her all situated.

My App was a good boy too, though it is hard to admit that he is out of shape and fat.  I have now cut his grain back and plan on riding him more (always the goal though).  He was SO stiff even after a walk warmup, I couldn't get a good forward trot so I took the recommendation of the dressage instructor and went into a quick canter to finish warming up.  It seemed to work okay, he was pretty tired and still a little stiff when we were done though.  Gotta get him back in shape, old man creeks are setting in.  Would be easier if it wasn't so cold and it got dark so early.

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  1. I'm impatient for spring as well. :) I'm glad you got a few pretty days.

    How old is the Appy? I bet when you get him back in shape he'll lose some of the stiffness. They usually work through it if it's arthritis I think.