Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow returns

I woke up yesterday facing a week alone as the SO is out of town all week.  It wasn't too cold, mid 30's, and was looking to be a pretty nice day.  Turned on the news and caught the last part of the weather that made me stop and do a double take.  Storm coming my way starting at noon and hitting hard at 4p, maybe 6 inches with some rain?!?  How come this is the first I am hearing of this?  I had a lot of things planned to do today.

I did the chores and tried again to fix the leaky gutter that keeps trying to flood my barn.  Since there is no snow anywhere I figured it was a good of a time as any, we will see how it holds up when it starts to thaw again.  Dump the poo trailer, fill the water trough, fill hay nets, clean stalls, get new sawdust, run into town and get necessities for the week.  I finally headed home at 4p and the radio said where they were it was snowing hard and were expecting 6-12 inches.  WHAT?!?  That is a lot more than they told me on the news!  As I start watering/dragging the arena and it starts to snow.  Stop and bring the critters in, as the Appy is already shivering since he has gotten wet in the snow, and keep working the arena.

Finally at 630p I finish my chores and there is already 3 inches on the ground and I get an ill feeling about where the night is headed.  Feed everyone and start inside chores, at night check there is almost 5 inches of snow.  Less than 6 hours before I had no snow and now I have this?  Went to sleep as I realize I am powerless to fight mother nature this far north.  I awake to 10 inches of new, white, fluffy snow.  10 inches!  Since I have people coming over every night this week to ride I realize I have to plow everything by myself.  Drag the tractor out and plow for over an hour before finally giving up and throwing everyone out in the pasture.  Clean stalls, fill water buckets, fill hay nets, drag myself inside and turn on the news.  What does it tell me?  More snow possible later today.  FML.

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  1. Ugh! I hate snow lol. I hope it clears out soon. :)