Thursday, February 10, 2011


The donkey decided she DID remember how to lead (YAY!) and bringing her in from and then back out to pasture took just minutes.  That makes me happy as I got so frustrated yesterday when it took so long and she was being so stubborn.  She was a little sticky with her parking brake when we tried to walk through the pasture gate this am but it wasn't too bad.  Here's to hoping it lasts more than a few days.

My riding buddy and I got along very well, I am so pleased!  She has pretty good form and could ride the App without any issues and even said she would come back.  She did all him "The Thigh Master", as he requires a lot of leg.  I reminded her that I did give fair warning, the downside of the App is lots of leg and insisting on him listening, the downside of the TWH is the random spookiness and random gaits.  We had a fairly good amount of things in common and she knows the few people I know.  I must be knowing the right people lol.  She will come back out on Tuesday then hopefully will start riding a couple times a week.  Yay me!  Here's to hoping this good streak continues

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  1. That's awesome on both accounts! Nice! I wish I could find a riding buddy.

    Keep being persistent and consistent with donkey and I'm sure you will get there. :)