Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The donkey and other ramblings

Has it really been a week since my last post?  I am very bad and will try harder to post more often.  I think of all kinds of things to say when I am cleaning stalls but by the time I come inside I've said my piece (in my head) and don't write it down.  Ugh.

The donkey is doing well, we are successfully able to pick up and clean all 4 feet.  The farrier was out on Saturday and was able to take a half inch of hoof off.  That is great but we still have probably an inch and a half still to go.  Despite someone new working with her feet, she only kicked out once and was remarkably well behaved.  I did give her some Calm and Cool beforehand and I think it helped too, but shhh.  No one needs to know lol.  Worked much better than the calming paste I bought at TSC the first time she was trimmed, this time I could actually see she was slightly dulled.  While I don't advocate drugging your critters, sometimes it is helpful.

I have had a recurring setback, which is very frustrating.  The donkey goes from leading well for 3-4 days and then the last day she forgets she can be lead and acts head shy.  WHY do you walk out of the stall, (most of the time) out of the barn and then decide you aren't going anywhere?  At that point I can't get her turned around any easier than forward, all I have is a stubborn donkey that refuses to go anywhere.  It took me almost 20 mins this morning to get her to the pasture.  Not cool donkey.  Not cool at all.  Treats don't work, trying to scare her doesn't work, slapping her butt with my hat doesn't work and neither does twirling a rope or acting like the boss mare.  It comes down to a pulling contest, put a fairly significant pull on her head and then release if she steps forward.  Fantastic, except we have to do this every 4-5 days.  She remembers and is great, then forgets.  Argh!

On another note I am having someone come ride with me tonight, hopefully all goes well and I will have found a new friend.  It gets so lonely riding by myself, I work from home and have my horses here so I don't see anyone and don't know many people still.  Am working to change that, but it is a slow process.  Hoping this girl is friendly, can ride and we mesh personality wise.  If nothing else it has gotten me riding again.  Now just need to get some jumps, this flatwork is boring me to tears.

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  1. Hmm, silly donkey! I have no suggestions for you. I still can't even touch mine yet lol.

    I hope the new riding buddy works out!