Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to work for all of us

The weekend went pretty well, all things considering.  I put a nice dent in my arena thanks to partially melted snow throwing the tractor around, was NOT happy.  Still not happy, actually.  Didn't hear back from a craigslist seller who wanted to meet over some heated buckets they were selling, really could've used those buckets but oh well.  Did get a double wheeled wheelbarrow for valentines day, yay me!

Had fun with my riding buddy on Saturday, she putting me in touch with a friend of hers that used to show walking horses.  This new girl is supposed to be very excited about coming and seeing my TWH and wants to offer help with getting his gaits better, if I want it anyway which I do.  Am very happy we are getting along so well, was getting very lonely not having any friends up here.  Sunday was chores, chores, chores and a lesson. Was up working on things from 830a until about 9p and still have to move sawdust tonight because I ran out of time.  Was so tired when I finally went to bed. 

The first lesson went pretty well, The App was much better than the first lesson despite his relentless screaming for his buddies.  Got very irritated at him over it as he did it even at the end of the lesson.  Argh!  We are trying to find the right buttons to push to get a nice relaxed horse as soon as possible so I don't have to school for 45 minutes when I go to shows.  The only time I have a good horse is when I have a tired horse so we are experimenting to try to find a better way to get to that point.

The lesson with the TWH went okay, the instructor is recognizing that there isn't much she is going to be able to do with the two of us as she isn't flexible enough in her skills to teach us much.  I told her my highest goal is to have the TWH trot a dressage test this year so she has been having us trot most of the lesson however she forgets that we don't have balance.  Multiple changes of direction is very difficult, as is leg yielding and she acknowledged she doesn't know how to help us more without using those tricks.  I advised her that our next lesson I want her to pick apart the dressage aspect of things and not worry about gaits, we'll see how it goes.

I did realize I need to get the App more fit, due to my lack of riding since being in Michigan he has gotten soft.  I am starting a workout program for him which will include lunging on the days I can't ride.  Lunged him first thing this morning and it went fairly well until the end.  He suddenly decided it was unacceptable to go into a trot from a canter, instead it was acceptable to simply canter slooowwwly and do a WP lope.  While very cute and amusing, it was not what was being asked for.  Then it was unacceptable to go into a canter from a normal trot but instead he had to badly rush and maybe get a canter.  After many adjustments to the lunge line and side reins I finally got him back under control and listening but of course he was then completely sweaty and icky.  Got the cooler and walked him out, threw in him the stall while I threw everyone else out and cleaned stalls.  Maybe if I get back to working him most everyday he will be the horse he used to be again.  Happy Valentines day!

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  1. I obviously am totally guessing here because I wasn't there, but it sounds like he may not be fit enough to go that long (not sure how long you longed). The fact that he was rushing the trot before cantering, after having done it well earlier, sounds like he may have been tired. I wouldn't necessarily chalk it up to disobedience. He may have just been too tired. However I'm just guessing. He may have just not wanted to work anymore. It could have been either and you know your horse best, but just thought I would mention it. :)

    I'm glad the new friend is working out and she's introducing you to someone else. Too cool.

    That sucks about the dent. Chrome dented in the whole side of my feed shed from rubbing his naughty little butt on it. I still haven't tried to straighten the tin back out. I'm afraid of damaging it further. Sigh.

    Yay on the wheelbarrow though. :D I love the double wheel ones. They're so much easier to handle. It sounds like you had a busy day. I hope you weren't horribly sore after.

    I hope the lessons get better. I wish I had suggestions for the neighing. That can be so annoying. Keep us updated. :)