Thursday, July 26, 2012

Returning to normal

Things are slowing winding back to normal.  I am fairly mobile now, walking around on one crutch most of the time.  I have decent motion back in my knee and I can already obtain full extension.  I have started doing leg lifts to pick up my leg and all the fun exercises to reactivate my muscles that have been snoozing for about a week.  I have been calling it my "stupid leg" because it doesn't listen, hopefully that changes soon as my muscles reactivate. 

The horses are doing just fine, the only story of note is after I had the new hay delivered the TWH decided his diet was too restrictive.  When we went out on Monday the TWH was sitting outside of his stall perfectly content as he munched on a pile of lose hay.  He had broken the lowest chain guard (surprisingly cheaply made, not only did the chain not go all the way through but it was two pieces of chain, a small loop of wire on each chain and nothing but the plastic connecting them) and ducked under the top chain guard.  I replaced it with a web stall guard for now and he has stayed put.  I can't give him too much trouble as this is the first time he has escaped since he has been here and he hasn't tried anything since. 

Hope to have a better update soon, this one is boring but I have spent 95% of this past 6 days in the house and thus don't have many stories. Maybe soon!

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  1. Good grief girl you are unstoppable!!! How do you do it? I'd be a whimpering, crying mess dealing with that kind of injury, surgery and pain. I'm glad you're healing up quick though!