Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stall rest

Life around here does seem to be slowing to a crawl, I spend most of my time on the couch and not able to do much.  I am not allowed to go outside by myself and am constantly reminded "Stall Rest".  Blah.  I don't handle stall rest wel, I am a very active person and this is boring me to death.  On the plus side the doc said the surgery went very well, I don't actually have any additional meniscus damage however I have very little of it left.  He said he was surprised I was moving as well as I was because I have been walking with bone-against-bone in my knee, I had bone dust and chips floating around in my joint.  No wonder things felt so wonky lol.  He cleaned things out and resurfaced my bone so hopefully it won't continue to be a problem.  He is also pretty confident that I won't need a replacement by the time I am 40 like I was planning, horray for me!

Tomorrow starts physical therapy and I am sure the pain will follow.  I currently only have 3.5 days of pain pills left, they sure didn't give me many and I don't have refills.  Worse comes to worse I suppose I will call in for a new script. 

On another note my "new" hay came today, all delivered and stacked by someone else.  My "I don't like this hay" has been confirmed on a couple of levels, the bales are pretty loose and several of them have broken open.  And yes I was charged for the broken ones.  Also I confirmed the bales are very high in alfalfa, the farmer said the bales are 80-90 percent alfalfa.  Great, I can't feed alfalfa to the donkey because it is too high in protein.  My quick research tells me it is the primary cause of founder, obesity and liver/kidney problems/failure.  Oh joy.  Am really unsure how I am going to handle this, feeding at night will be fine but not sure how feeding breakfast hay will work out.  I currently turn everyone out to eat off of hay nets.  The only thing I can think of is to either lock her out of the arena until lunch, not turn her out until lunch or keep a grazing muzzle on her.  Going to have to find an option or I will feel I have to sell her because I don't want to make her founder just because I can't get good hay.  Any ideas?

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  1. Aww I hope you don't have to sell her!! Can you buy hay cubes? Lucky for me grass hay is pretty much all we have around here. Alfalfa is rare. Unfortunately square bales are $8 to $9 a bale right now! Ouch!!