Friday, July 13, 2012

It's going to be slow going for a while

Yet another good news, bad news post.  Good news is I have surgery on the 20th to fix my knee again, hopefully this one lasts longer and I recover pretty quickly.  The doc is pretty confident that I will be in physical therapy on the 23rd and within a month be walking normally.  He said in 3 months I should be 100% though it takes up to 7 months for the ACL graft to be fully healed.  My grandmother is coming in from New England to help out around the farm so the animals will be taken care of and at least I will have someone around for the first week after surgery. Keep your fingers crossed!

Bad news is I had set up with my trainer to ride the TWH at least once a week to get him back into shape (or a shape that isn't round) with having my sights set on her showing him in Sept.  I got a text from her this morning saying she was thrown from a horse yesterday and has broken her leg and is also going in for surgery next week.  Her recovery will be longer, she won't be riding for about 3 months.  Looks like I will have two fat, round horses come fall.  So much for keeping them in shape but at least I tried.

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  1. Oh no!! What horrible luck!! I hope the surgery went well though and that you're all healed up... gonna keep reading and try to get caught up today. I've missed reading your blog. :)