Monday, August 6, 2012

Road to recovery - One step at a time

Sorry for the absence, things were pretty busy with work and having my grandmother in.  Any free time for blogging was eaten up pretty quickly, alas things may be busy this week too but I have found time to check in.  My knee is doing better every day, I have a good amount of flexion and can get it fairly easily as long as I bend/straighten nice and slow.  At my last measurement I was at 101 degrees of flexion, pretty good for someone just 2 weeks out of pretty invasive surgery IMO.  The hardest part is the inability to bend my knee with any speed, I am also having a very hard time lifting my leg from the knee down, by itself.  I have started doing some leg lifts to fix this issue, lifting just from the knee down, so hopefully it will stop being an irritant. 

This week I am 100% on my own, my grandmother was in for a little over 2 weeks to help out after surgery and she was a HUGE help.  She took care of all of the housework, the animals, the chores and tried very hard to make sure I didn't want for much.  She had to leave on Sunday and this morning SO had to go out of town for work so I went from having as much assistance as I wanted to none.  Knowing this was coming, I have been cleaning stalls, turning out horses and doing my normal chores to ensure I had a plan for this week.  For example I can only clean one stall at a time before dumping the wheelbarrow, I cannot yet dump a full wheelbarrow.  I also will use the tractor when I clean the arena of poo as I am not yet coordinated/strong enough to walk and move the big wheelbarrow when it has more than a few piles of poo in it.

No worries though, all is coming along.  I started driving and I don't have any issues.  This week I will pop myself on a pony and plod along, working on my lateral movements.  Tomorrow I am meeting up with a friend and going to the state fair, tonight I have physical therapy.  Next weekend will be a horse filled weekend as I volunteer at the local horse trial, jump judging on cross country Saturday and timing/scribing stadium jumping on Sunday.  Looking forward to some fun!

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