Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back in the saddle

After several delays due to lack of time, still, I was finally able to plop myself in a saddle and ride around.  I even was able to ride two days in a row with a third day scheduled!  My goal in riding was to start rebuilding my muscles needed to ride so I rode the App as he isn't nicknamed the ThighMaster for nothing.  He was true to his nickname, that is for sure.

Our rides are at the walk and are fairly short, I am working on lateral movements off of the right leg as I work on strengthening exercises for myself.  Overall the rides are productive though I did have to grab a crop.  Mr App decided that since I wasn't asking very strong that he didn't actually have to move away from pressure, I reminded him that that wasn't acceptable.  Thankfully sometimes all that is required is for me to carry a crop and he behaves appropriately, what a silly, bad horse lol. 

Last night I rode with the mom of one of my students and we had a good ride.  She has a laundry list of medical issues which keeps her from riding but she decided she didn't care and wanted to ride so she did.  I worked on lateral movements for about 20 minutes before getting bored so we walked halfway around the block for a trail ride.  It was a bit buggy, as I hadn't prepared for a trail ride with fly spray or masks, but it was a good ride.  Just a leisurely walking trail ride.  She is going to come over again tonight to ride, if she could force her body to move, maybe we will ride the entire block.  Riding success!

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