Sunday, February 7, 2016

The ball is rolling - An update...

Hey, guess what?  Guess what I was able to do?  I got the house listed for sale today!  And on top of that, I got 2 showing requests within 12 hours of it being listed!  Woohoo!!!  It has certainly been an ordeal but I am so, so, SO hopeful that something great comes of this.  I have it posted out on several FB groups, hell you may have even seen it already, and so far the comments are that people love the house (but of course have no $$ or want a land contract).  Hey, I will take that over last year when they were only saying they loved the barn or arena.  Seriously though, if I could have an offer soon?  HEAVEN!  AND I am offering a dealio to my FB friends and now to my blog friends, if anyone makes an offer and under contract by April 31st and says they heard about this from YOU, I will give YOU two hundred buckeroos to go all tack ho with!  Or, you know, whatever else you may want to do with it but tack ho'ing it is the best thing reason I can find.  But seriously, have them put in the first offer made "seen (or heard) about from (your name)", that's it.

So you probably want some details, no?  On Monday I worked to get the house ready and the realtor showed up a day early to take outside pics because of how poor the day was to be on Tuesday.  So I rushed to get stuff done.  And did.  He took pics of outside and came back on Tuesday for interior pics.  And I hated them.  HATED.  I did not want snapshots of my home, I wanted beautiful pictures to show the work I have done.  So I called my professional photographer friend who was on standby and he came out Wednesday and took pictures of both interior and exterior.

And on Wednesday night, for the first time in I don't know when I rode my horses.  People, read that again, I rode my horses.  BOTH of them!  Yes!  It was a short w/t/c ride, bareback in a hackamore, but they were w/t/c rides.  Woohoo!  Mia did well, a little fast but that is to be expected.  She was even decent in her right lead canter, woohoo!  App was awesome and tried hard but he is really out of shape and a bit off in his front.  It was funny, here I am riding bareback, in a hackamore, with muck boots on and he doesn't want to bend.  I simply pick up the dressage whip and suddenly he is Mr Bendy.  Ha!  I am really looking forward to boarding again so I have time to ride him regularly.  He is so out of shape and in need of exercise.

Thursday I had to go to the feed store and get grain so no riding, today was the day the house was listed online.  It was a mess too, the realtor used an ad he had worked on instead of the one I had done so it read really choppy and wasn't grammatically correct.  Uh, no, so he had to fix that.  And then he used 2 pictures that he had taken because I hadn't sent him the professional pictures (it was 6am people!) so I had to give him a hard email saying that was not acceptable.  And then I sent over a list of file names for him to use of the professional pictures.  Except he listed all of them.  That took ALL day to fix.


So that is what I had written Friday night before things went crazy.  Ya'll, I have an update but you are going to have to wait.  Sorry!


  1. so exciting, yay riding!!!!! and even more YAY to have the house listed and starting to generate interest!!!! my fingers are so seriously crossed for you :D

  2. Yay riding! You aren't going to know what to do with all your time when you're boarding them hehe. :D