Monday, February 15, 2016

Plans, changes and full steam ahead!

With all of our napkin plans we had listed, I was kind of surprised things changed as much as they have.  But hey, I am pretty flexible and adaptable.  Some say I am way more than most people but hey.  I can roll with the punches.  The inspection came back clean on the house, the buyers came over this weekend and put up some hand railings and spindles to make the place FHA acceptable.  With them putting in some $$ and sweat equity, I am pretty confident the sale will go through, woohoo!  They seem quite nice, they have 4 horses and she rides all disciplines.  She does western dressage but also has a dressage and jumping saddle.  She, like us, is buying the property for the indoor arena :)  I am so happy that all of my hard work is going to someone who will appreciate the property.  While I am looking forward to boarding again, and am really looking forward to not having chores, I am going to miss my little farm and the conditions in which my horses live.

Our planned trips to PA have changed up a bit but I now have the next month and a half completely planned out.  We made a big purchase in an enclosed car trailer, we were originally going to rent a UHaul truck to move our furniture and stuff and use the horse trailer to move everything else.  Instead we made the decision to go ahead and just buy the enclosed trailer now instead of after the closing and move our stuff with it instead of the horse trailer.  Good and bad, I didn't have enough stuff "ready" for a 20' enclosed trailer so we packed the trailer with stuff not in boxes, etc.  That bugs the hell out of SO, but it is totally his own doing so I don't feel badly.  I had packed enough stuff to fill a horse trailer, not a 20' empty box.  Ugh, men.  We move this load of stuff this upcoming weekend.  Next weekend I go back to PA to put some of the stuff away.  I will then stay in MI until we move the horses the weekend of March 25th and then make one last trip to PA before closing.  On April 4th, we should close and relocation should be complete.  OMG!!  Relocation complete.  So crazy!

It means no shows in MI at all, which is a little sad, but I also haven't been riding so it makes sense.  And I also strained my LCL ligament last week which put a damper on riding after I finally had time to ride since, you know, I was unable to fully straighten or fully bend my knee.  SMH.  I am about 90% better so hopefully I can ride this week.  I tentatively have a show in PA written down for July, that would be cool to actually achieve that goal!  I only have one show written down so far, if I can make the one show, I will aim for more.  Baby steps.


  1. so far so good - sounds like all your plans are moving right along. good luck with closing and getting everything packed and moved!

  2. Ouch, sorry about the injury, but I'm glad everything else is going so well. I bet you can't wait to be done with all of this! I can't wait to see your new house and the barn you choose and for you to start showing again and you know.. everything! :D