Monday, February 1, 2016

Almost to the finish line

One day left.  I have a lot to do in one day still.  On Tuesday a realtor comes to take pictures, eek!  The painting is pretty much done, enough for pics anyway.  The carpet has been installed and looks good.  The garage has been reorganized so it isn't a cluttered mess and the house is 90% clean.  Now to stage the house and prepare for pictures!
Basement in process
Basement with new paint on the floor.  Should have taken
1 gallon, took 3 and I had only 1.5 rollers full left of paint.
Cutting it close!!
Stairs, bye bye brown shag carpet from the 80's!
Hellooooo new carpeted stairs!
Teal bedroom before
Teal bedroom with old, brown shag carpet
Stairway in process, note the helper...
They LOVED their blue... blue ceilings, blue walls.
The entryway with peach walls, blue ceiling.  Peach
covered up already with new Creamy Mushroom.
Peach being covered up!

Bathroom before
Bath with new colors and flooring
Blue floral wallpaper - say buh bye!
Finished living room

With all of the work I have done, and I have done LOTS, I can't see what someone would say "needs work".  But we will see when it is thrown on the market by the end of the week.  Hold your breath guys, let's get this farm sold so I can move on with things and RIDE MY HORSE!


  1. Woo hoo! Here's hoping someone buys it this time around!